Monday, May 3

My turn to repay the SISTERHOOD!

Yes, it is that time.

I cleaned my closet out yesterday, and I have the MOTHERLODE of clothes to pay forward.

Here's the deal. I have TONS and don't really have the time or patience to take pics of each and every item, and since...well...there's no graceful way to say this, there's only a few of us who started out as large as me, let's do it this way (unless it violates the Sisterhood rules). If you need business-casual or weekend-casual clothes in size 28W (a few 30W) or 3x (a few 2x that run large), send me an email at achio4444 at gmail dot com, and we'll work out the details.

I have lots of wintery stuff in those sizes - sweaters and a beautiful Columbia jacket system in periwinkle in 3x (with matching hat, scarf, and gloves).

I have ONE sundress - black from Lane Bryant, floor length, size 26/28. It is loooong - it was almost too long for me, and I am 5'10".

I have a pair of black pants, a brown pair, and a pair of jeans from LB - size 8 blue. They are average, but again, I am tall, and they are long enough on me.

I have several blazers and tons of casualish shirts - appropriate for work unless you have to dress up for work.

ETA: I also am getting rid of quite a few sweaters in the 2xish range. Since we're moving to FL, i don't think I'll need them next winter...also, they should be TOO big!

Anyhow, email me and let me know.

Also, hit 56 lbs today. Although I just shared a leftover Coldstone ice cream with DD, so who know what the scale will say tomorrow! :)


  1. I can't wait until I can get rid of my clothes. Congrats.

  2. isn't it an awesome feeling! i had to pack up some of my hangers and right now everything in my closet is "new".... enjoy the feeling!

  3. I am in the same boat as you - all my sisterhood clothes are too big for all the skinnies here! But at least WE'RE shrinking out of them!! Congrats on the 56 lbs!!

  4. Congrats on the 56 pounds! And, I just commented on a more recent post...sorry, that's the size I'm trying to leave too :(.