Thursday, May 6

Two totally random questions


Do any of you color your dishwater blonde hair blonder at home? And does it look okay? (Of course, you are going to say it looks fine or else you wouldn't do it!)

I am so tired of salon highlights. My hair grows quickly and looks like crap within weeks. And I'm cheap and tired of spending a good chunk of change to look good for a few weeks (literally 3 before the growth bothers me) and then look like crap for many more weeks while I try to justify spending another chunk of change.

I tried coloring my hair at home a medium brown, and the color itself looked fine, but I just look (and feel) better as a blonde. But the last time I tried blonde at home, I turned my hair a light shade of lavendar, and not on purpose.


I have a floor jewelry box that is on its last leg, so I am thinking of clearing out a drawer in my dresser for my jewelry. I ran to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get organizers, and WOWZA - to get everything I want/need, it's $80! And they aren't anything special - basically fabric covered pressboard. Ummmm, any cheaper ideas for me that aren't just plastic??? (This is some of my better jewelry, so I'd prefer a step up from plastic.)



  2. Check IKEA for the organizers. They have a line called Kompartment. I just got some for my bras & undies. I believe they come in all sizes & configurations - they aren't plastic either :)

  3. I trust my hair to the professionals :)
    But I do think that you have to get supplies from a beauty supply place rather than target or a drug store.

    I bought drawer organizers at Ikea for 99 cents - the plastic kind intended for desk drawers. kinda like this

    Then I bought black felt from the craft store- the type thats stiff for about $1.50 a sheet. I cut the felt down to fit in the bottom of the compartments, I didn't even glue it down.

    All said and done I paid under $10 for 3 drawers!

  4. I have dirty blonde hair and trust it only to my colorist to turn it fabulously red ;)

    Check out The Container Store - I saw some jewelry organizer drawer thingys there the other day. <3

  5. I get tackle boxes from Walmart, take off the lids and slide them in my drawer. I'm a brunette so no advice to give about coloring at home. Sorry.

  6. I go back and forth between the salon and the do it yourself. I hate hate hate paying for the salon when it grows out. It stinks. I think I look better as blonde too so I feel your pain.

    When I do it myself I get this kit that has the stupid little hat thing that you pull the hair through. I think it comes out better than that chunking stuff. It's not the best ever but it's better than roots showing in my opinion.

  7. I now do my hair at home - but I went to a salon for years and years. It's taken some hit and misses to find the right shade but I love the L'oreal ones best - and the ones where you add your own highlights are even better at a third of the cost. Let us know how it works out :)

  8. Totally color my own - light golden brown. My mom is a beautician though so I've watched her do her own hair for years so it doesn't scare me! Good luck!