Friday, November 27

Oh, you wanna know about my surgery? OK...

Just a quick recap of the last few days.

We had to be at the hospital by noon on Wednesday. I was feeling a bit nervous, but mostly just THIRSTY! We got there, and I had to do a bunch of pre-op testing while DH had to wait in the surgical lounge.

My pre-op testing consisted of an EKG (normal), urine workup (not pregnant - yeah!), blood work (my coagulant was a bit high but everything else was good). About 1:30 pm, DH was allowed to join me, and in between the surgical team coming to talk to me, they gave me the relaxant drug. I can't remember what it was, but it sent me into fits of hysterics. I was laughing so hard I was crying!

All of a sudden it was 3 pm, they whisked me off to the surgery room, and it was on! I am a little hazy on the details here, as I was a bit high - hee hee. I remember being told to take a few deep breaths, and the next thing I knew, I was awake in recovery.

I had a bit of a tough time staying awake in recovery. I had shoulder pain for which the nurse gave me Dilaudid. Let's just say I could not keep my eyes open. I wasn't breathing deep enough and the dumb machine kept beeping at me, but I finally got it together.

Once I was ready to go to my room, I was still a bit groggy. DH took some nice pics of me - I will post later, but I am sure they are hilarious, as I could not even open my eyes! I am a wimp when it comes to pain meds.

I had one more shot of morphine about 11 pm that night and haven't had anything since. I'm not pain-free, but it's not bad.

The roughest part of the stay was the lack of somewhere for DH to sleep - he ended up sleeping on the floor, poor guy. We asked for a cot four different times to no avail. He's a trooper.

After getting home yesterday, I had a hard time getting comfy, but wasn't in real pain, if that makes sense. Just more edgy and couldn't figure out what I wanted.

I finally fell asleep about 10 pm last night in one of our recliners in the family room. About 3 am, I shifted to the couch, and about 5 am, I shifted to our bed.

I managed a shower and a 3 hour nap today. Sipping on some G2 since water seems to give me heartburn. Hmmmm, I have a friend who had gastric bypass 5 years ago and still struggles with water giving her heartburn. I hope I'm not the same, as I love water!

Anyhow, I'm on 10 days of clear liquids (no protein shakes) per the surgeon. The dietician said 3 days, so it'll probably be somewhere in between, since I can't imagine 10 days of clear liquids. We'll see...

My only real complaint is my stomach is grumbling and hungry, but I am not hungry. It's just a bit of a uncomfortable sensation. Anyone else have this? Will it go away?

Later, my banded friends!


  1. Congrats! Good to hear that things went smoothly...I'm excited to hear about your progress! Happy healing!

  2. I'm there with Yana-- cannot wait to hear how you're progressing. Take it slow, one day at a time and allow a good recovery. Follow the doctor's orders as much as you can!!!
    xo Vanessa

  3. Congrats! Glad to hear that things went without a hitch! I'm hoping to be banded in February, so I'll be following your progress!