Thursday, November 19

Getting to know me - bloggy style

Since all the other cool bloggin' bandsters are doing it, I want to, too!

- Age: 34
- Annoyance: Intolerance of pretty much any kind, Paula Deen
- Animal: We have 3 cats. Sigh. I love animals, but would love a dog instead.
- Actor: I have two young kids. I forget what it's like to watch a movie!

- Beer: Guinness!
- Birthplace: Syracuse, NY
- Body Part on opposite sex: Smile
- Been in Love: Still am.
- Been bitched at: Once or twice. I tend to hold my ground pretty well.
- Believe in yourself?: I do! I do!
- Believe in God: I believe in my own version.
- Before weight: 374.4 lbs. Ugh. This is why no one IRL will ever see this blog.

- Car: Pontiac Aztek. I love it!
- Candy: Chocolate with caramel and/or peanut butter
- Color: turquoise
- Cried in school: I don't remember a specific incident, but I have no doubt that I did many times.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
- Chinese/Mexican: Oh, both! Probably mexican
- Cake or pie: Yellow cake mix cake with chocolate canned frosting. Not a big fan of pie.
- Country to visit: Denmark

- Day or Night: Night
- Do the splits?: I wanted to desperately, but alas, no.

- Eggs: Pretty much any way, but my favs are hard-boiled and poached
- Eyes: Greeny-hazel - have no idea where they came from since both my parents are blue-eyed?!?!?!

- First crush: Andrew in sixth grade. Ahhh, he was so cute!
- First thoughts waking up: Are the kids still sleeping? Yes? Then so am I!
- Food: On week 2 of liquids. I am dreaming of ALL food. :)

- Greatest Fear: Losing one of my kids
- Goals: To live a long, healthy, active life with my family
- Get along with your parents?: I have the world's best parents. They are paying for my lap-band and love me unconditionally. I talk to my mom probably 3x/day and my dad at least a few times per week.
- Good luck charm: Nah.

- Hair Colour: Dirty blonde
- Height: 5'10"
- Happy: 95% of the time.
- Holiday: Used to be Thanksgiving, now I'm thinking Christmas
- Health freak?: No, but I know enough to be annoying!
- Hate: The fact that we can't afford insurance for my husband through my employer ($1100/month) and he can't get private insurance (high blood pressure) and people say we don't need a public insurance option?

- Ice Cream: Chocolate with lots of stuff in it
- Instrument: Not musically inclined at all. My two-year old daughter asks me to stop singing all the time.

- Jewelry: Love my wedding/engagement set - blue topaz center stone instead of a diamond. Love it! Other than that, I wear a chunky silver bracelet my daughter "got" me for my first mother's day and then everything else is loud, funky, chunky costume jewelry. The bigger and louder, the better.
- Job: communications manager

- Kids: 2 - DD just turned two 4 days ago and DS is 7 months old. Yes, I am constantly tired!
- Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing!
- Keep a journal? I have several blogs - does that count?

- Longest Car Ride: 20+ hours from northern OH to southern FL
- Love: Doesn't have to be a wild ride; a nice mellow, friendship-based love can be so much mor fulfilling
- Laughed so hard you cried: All. the. time. I do this several times a week!
- Love at first sight: Romantic love - no. Parent-child love - yes.

- Milk flavor: None. Gag me with a spoon.
- Movie: See Actor category. I miss movies!
- Mooned anyone?: Guilty!
- Marriage: 3.5 years and we're both still alive!
- Motion sickness? Nope.
- McD’s or BK: Both!!!!

- Number of Siblings: 1 brother, 32
- Number of Piercings: 3 in each ear, one in the upper ear lobe, and navel. Only wear in the lowest ear holes now.
- Number: 4

- One wish: To be uber-successful with the band!

- Place you’d like to live: Phoenix, Tampa, anywhere with a better economy than here!
- Perfect Pizza: Tomatoes, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, onions, mushrooms, banana peppers - basically the works!
- Pepsi/Coke: Diet Pepsi and regular Coke. I despise regular Pepsi and Diet Coke. Oh well, doesn't matter since I won't be drinking them anymore!

- Questionaires: Duh.

- Reason to cry: Watching my kids play together - it always makes me cry! I'm a total sap.
- Reality T.V.: Any MTV stuff designed for teenyboppers. I love it!
-Roll your tongue in a circle? Yes

- Song: The One Who Knows by Dar Williams
- Shoe size: 9.5-10
- Salad Dressing: Bleu Cheese or Greek
- Skipped school: Enough.
- Smoking: Nope.
- Sing well?: No.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: I love all berries, but can I choose blackberries? My fav!

- Time for bed: 10:30-11
- Thunderstorms: Deathly terrified.
- TV: We watch WAY too much.

- Unpredictable: Me!

- Vegetable you hate: Celery, any type of bean (I know they're not veggies, but I hate them anyway!)
- Vegetable you love: avocado, asparagus, BRUSSEL SPROUTS, mushrooms, tomoatoes, onions
- Vacation spot: A warm beach in the Caribbean...I'm not even picky about what beach!

- Weakness: I cry easily. Happy, sad, mad, glad, overwhelmed.
- When you grow up: I want to live in a retirement community and drive a golf cart!
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: None, really.
- Wanted to be a model?: Nope.

-X-Rays: Just had them done on my teeth yesterday!.

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: Add some green and you've got Green Bay Packers!

- Zoo: We are supporters of our local zoo.
- Zodiac sign: Aquarius!


  1. What great answers to a fun quiz! I feel for you having two little ones - they are exhausting I remember it well, and how much do your parents rock. Lucky girl having such a great relationship with them.

  2. Interesting answers, Sounds like you have a great family.