Thursday, November 12

9.29% done...

...with my pre-op diet that is.

4 shakes down, 35 to go.

Lessons learned already:

1. Bulking up your shake with a bunch of blended ice makes it seem sooo much more filling.
2. The clear Isopure protein drinks are nasty. Like gaggy nasty. I only finished it because I paid $3.79 for it.
3. It would be very easy to confuse baby formula and protein shakes. Just sayin'.
4. Adding something to the shake makes it MUCH more palatable. Decaf instant coffee crystals, sugar-free, fat-free pudding or jello mix (the dry stuff), diet soda, etc.
5. Even if you think you won't survive, you will.

I had my moments yesterday when I wondered what the hell I was doing. I was soooo hungry. And I had a rough day - found out that a mole I had removed two weeks ago is melanoma. What a crappy day to get such terrible news. I couldn't even turn to one of my greatest comforts, food. But what a great lesson as well. I survived yesterday, my first pre-op diet day coupled with some terrible news, without falling off the wagon. It was almost like a lesson from the universe showing me that I CAN do this. And I WILL do this.


  1. I feel your pain! I am on day 3 of my 10 day preop and I didn't think that I would be so hungry. And the clear Isopure... ick. I am saving mine until I am on clears after the surgery. I figure I won't notice the taste as much. Is your diet just the protein shakes or do you get to have anything else with the shakes?

  2. Mine is JUST shakes. Boo hiss boo!

    Hang in there - we can do this!


  3. Wow I remember those pre-op days, remember it's only temporary. You will survive, (I barely did) but the weight loss during that time is very rewarding. Sorry about the news you got from the dr. Good luck!!!