Wednesday, November 25

Apparently, the only thing I've eaten is butterflies!

My tummy is a flutterin' away!

It's here. Banding day. The BIG event!

I lost another 6 lbs this week, bringing my pre-op diet total to 23.4 lbs. I'm beyond thrilled with that!

I have to be at the hospital at 1 and am guessing the surgery will be around 3 or so. We did find out that we have wireless, so I will check in again on the portside, as shrinkingmommy so pun-ly put it (love it!)...see you then!


  1. Good Luck! U R Going To Love Ur Band!

  2. Yeah!! It's here!! Good luck with everything and we'll see ya on the portside! ;-)

  3. Good Luck!
    Hope you are doing well! First week is rough but after 5 days you will be feeling like yourself!

  4. Wow you did so great on your pre-op diet. I hope that I can be as dedicated as you were. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I can guess what you are thankful for!

  5. Hope everything went great! I am about 12 hours postop now and I am enjoying a cup of tea while watching Biggest Loser. I hope you are having a great recovery. Cheers to you Band-Sister!