Sunday, November 29

In the interest of keeping both arms...

...I broke down and am sipping some protein shake instead of eating an arm off.

I am so. very. hungry.

Like headache, stomache, nauseated, shaking hungry.

I just couldn't do it any longer. After reading other blogs and LBT, I realized I was one of *very* few who wasn't drinking protein drinks nearly 5 days post-op. And while my surgeon said TEN days, my nutritionist said three days. I'm sure she has some kind of degree, right?

It's kind of bothering me, since I am a total rule-follower and wanted to do this perfectly, by the letter, to the "T".

But when I called my mom sobbing about how miserable I am, she talked me into trying just a bit. Wise woman that she is, she said this is about discipline, not misery and torture. And she's right.

So, instead of feeling like I broke the rules (which will drive me bonkers! Yes, I am type-A, just a bit!), I will instead think of them as guidelines, and what I am doing fits within the guidelines.

Now I'm just hoping the guilt doesn't eat me alive (get it? eat? ha!)


  1. Wow- that's crazy! Please don't feel guilty, I don't know why your surgeon would give you such a difficult task during your surgical recovery.
    You're having a protein shake, not a super whopper combo at BK, for pete's sake!
    Yes, your nutritionist has a degree-- but you have a degree in 'you.' If you're shaking, unable to function etc-- you need a bit more than just clear liquids!!
    Drink up.

  2. i moved on quicker than my surgeon wanted but i am the one that knows my body the best (even if i have mistreated it in the past).

    nothing earth shattering happened and i am still moving along down the weightloss path.

  3. You know you've done the right thing here! If you're not well your body is telling you to feed it and a protein shake will fit the bill just right. No guilt ok!! You didn't break out and have chocolate or as Vanessa said, a burger: a protein drink is still liquids and you made an excellent choice. I really hope it made you feel better :)

  4. At my last support group meeting we talked about how everyone is different. They set up rules, but they (the surgeon's office) expect that some people's needs will vary from the rules. Some people may need to stay on liquids longer and some shorter. I see my "bending" of the rules as setting myself up for success instead of failure. My PA said to call them if I had any concerns about moving stages early or late. I hope the shakes help you out!