Thursday, November 26

La la la la la la...

Can you tell what that is?

I'm singing with the BAND - just singing with the BAND - what a glorious feeling, I'm singing with the BAND!

Yep, I'm banded. It went well. I did have a hernia that was repaired. Minimal pain. Much, much less than my laproscopic gall bladder surgery and my c-section, so I am thankful!

More later, but so glad to be on the portside.:)


  1. Many congrats!!! Feel good and recover well... you're gonna do awesomely well.

  2. Good to hear you are doing well. Here we go, portside and ahoy matey!

    One question, how long are you on clear liquids for?

  3. Thanks!

    Elliana, my dietician said 3 days of clear liquids then 4 days of clear+protein, then 1 week of fulll liquids (soup, pudding, yogurt). However, my surgeon said 10 days of clear liquids!!! No protein shakes for 10 days. I intend to follow the surgeon's advice if I can make it. How about you?

  4. WHOOOO - so cool and listen to you all happy lol. What a great thing to read. Welcome to Bandland!!!

  5. Congrats! Love the way you phrased it, being on portside!