Friday, November 13

I survived!

I had a lunch today as a part of a committee for a board I sit on. Since I'm the head of the committee, if I had cancelled on lunch, they would have just rescheduled to accommodate me. Sooooo, I faked a unsettled tummy (it was partially true, since I haven't felt that well since starting protein shakes).

It was tough. It was at a great Italian restaurant. I almost ordered a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup and would have just had the broth. But I knew that would be really tempting, and even if I just had the broth, I would have felt I cheated. I had an iced tea instead and enjoyed it.

I kept wishing I was on a less strict pre-op diet. And then I realized - no matter what pre-op diet I was on, I'd want what I couldn't have. So if I was restricted to lean meat and veggies, I would have wanted a sandwich. Murphy's law.

Anyhow, one food event down, one more to go. My daughter's second birthday party is tomorrow. I plan to have a shake right before everyone arrives and be so busy that no one notices if I eat cake or not!


  1. Hi there! I am looking forward to hearing from you and watching your progress. I will be banded just about a month after you 1/4/10-- can hardly wait.
    Thanks for sharing your pre-op diet journey.... just a few more days for you and you'll be there.
    Good luck and come visit me on my blog sometime!

  2. Good for you on a success to avoid eating in that restaurant setting. That is probably the toughest thing to do - but you did it! Wanted to recommend a protein shake I like: its Premier protien shakes, 30g protein, and I get them by the case at Costco. Good luck!