Friday, November 20

Just call me Ms. Cranky Pants

Work sucked today. Four hour meeting. A coworker cooked her butt off last night and brought in ALL kinds of goodies that I had to stare at for four hours. Oh, and she baked one of them DURING the meeting, so it smelled heavenly. It was really, really, really hard to resist. Bowls of candy on the tables. I was sitting there thinking, I probably easily ate 1000+ calories at a meeting like that in the past. Mindlessly.

Anyhow, got home and...

DD was cranky.

DS was kinda cranky.

DH is VERY cranky. D stands for damn tonight.

Cranky + liquid diet = Ms. Cranky Pants

I've only got 3 more days of protein shakes and then 1 day of clear liquids and then surgery. I can do this, right? I am so hungry for something, I almost had a pickle. With only 15 calories, I figured it wouldn't hurt. But I resisted...I just want to be able to say I did this without even the slightest cheat.

On brighter notes, one of my dear friends is coming from Chicago this weekend. YEAH! I've told her about the surgery and she's going to drink protein shakes with me. What a friend!


  1. Oh, dang. You are a very strong woman. I commend you for conguering your tempations with all those goodies about today. It will be easier when you have the Band to help you. Just hang in there!

    What a friend you have to do the Protein shakes with you! You are very blessed indeed! Maybe it will make you feel better about DH and DS being so cranky. Have a Good Weekend, and try to enjoy the Fall weather.

  2. You can TOTALLY DO THIS! You've come so far and you are doing great - especially resisting treats when they are right in front of you tempting you to eat.
    Great friend you have too.. can I borrow her? Have a great weekend :)

  3. Yep: you CAN do this-- just a short time more and you will be banded. The journey has already begun. Keep it up...

  4. Hang in there!! You have started your journey and are resisting temptation, your doing great!