Monday, April 11

Tight as a MoFo

Seriously, my band gets so incredibly tight around TOM. Every month, I have 3-5 days where I struggle with even liquids. I didn't realize how tight I was the other night, and we had McD's for dinner. An hour later, up came my bunless burger along with cold sf lemonade. And it came up so hard, it came out my nose. UGH. It was awful. And then my period showed up. And then it all made sense.

The rest of the month, I am totally happy with my restriction, but man, I have a couple of days where it is almost hard to even drink. Sigh.

On better notes, I made a DELICIOUS cream of mushroom soup today. Low carb and tasty. I'll share the recipe if anyone is interested. It's going down albeit slowly.

And I peeked again - 7.4 lbs gone. In 5 days!

Off to pack up clothes to give to Maria tonight at support group...


  1. I get really tight at TOM too! This week and last has been HELL! I struggle with liquids..I sure can't eat. My Dr and Nut are well aware.. and tell me to keep up the great work cause whatever I am doing is working! I have lost 77.2 and had surgery in Dec. Congrats on the 118.. that is Awesome!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Would love the recipe!! You are doing fab on the low carb front. I am truly following the rules but not losing that fast. Oh well.

  3. I'd love the recipe. I've been trying to find a good one for mushroom soup.

  4. Low carb cream of mushroom? I am intrigued and would love the recipe! I also get really tight at TOM.

  5. I love the clothes... i can't wait to wear some of them.

  6. this SO happened to me this weekend! I wish I had had some great soup last night, I ended up eating cream of wheat