Saturday, April 16

My baby is TWO!

My sweet and stubborn and sassy and temperamental and completely adorable and little-guy-who-has-my-heart turned TWO yesterday!

And no, I did not indulge in a cupcake. YEAH ME!

Day 11 of Atkins here. I haven't weighed myself yet this week. Figured I'd try to stay off the scale for a week.  Not sure I can do it. It's amazing how when I'm diligent with my eating, I can't stay off the scale, but when I'm slacking, I can't convince myself to go anywhere hear the scale!

Nothing much else is going on. The kids and I are hanging out today while DH works. We were going to go to a kids' festival, but life is about to get crazy and it's supposed to be 90+ today, so I think we'll skip it. Tomorrow, I'm taking pictures of a friend's family, and then they are staying and watching the kids so DH and I can go out for a few hours. We really need it. We've just been picking at each other lately. DH has had the "induction flu" since starting Atkins, which is where you feel like crap from cutting the carbs. I have tried to take it easy on him, but the more I back off, the less he does. Honestly, the man has NO responsibilities other than to go to work. I cannot name one thing he does around the house or to contribute to our family on a regular basis. I'm starting to get a tad frustrated to say the least. I think a few hours to relax together will help, since I honestly can't remember the last time we had a chance to go somewhere alone.

Later, gators!


  1. I know how you feel in regards to your husband. Some time alone together with no responsibilities is exactly what we need. We are both hard workers, I won't deny that but I need to feel like a couple instead of business partners at the moment.

    Cute son and happy birthday to him. I could really use you to fly down and take some pictures for me!!

  2. Very cute boy, hope that he had a lovely day. I hear you on husbands and responsibilities!

  3. Happy happy birthday to that little cutie of your's! What a darling!

    Amy.... your husband and MY husband obviously are reading from the same playbook. He works FT outside of the house, I work from home, but also FT. Currently, we make about the same $$ (that fluctuates.... I own my own biz.. so some months are up, some are down) but I do ALL the housework. It's really hard somedays not to resent him on that. We do have to have a meeting of the minds, and get out and play sometimes, otherwise.... well, I have made threats to "sleep with one eye open" :)

    Induction flu..... I remember it well. I have been an Atkins dieter for much of the last 10 years. On again, off again. It did help me identify food sensitivities/allergies, since it's an elimination diet. There's plenty of stuff I've never eaten again because of it (pasta is #1.... haven't had pasta in at least 7 years..... I eat brown rice pasta now)

    Hope you have fun with hubby!

    I envy your 90° right now... we're expecting snow in the morning.