Monday, April 25

It's a bullet-type day.

  • One of the icky side effects of low-carb is dry mouth. Ugh, I am so stinkin' thirsty all the time. I can't remember if or when it does away, but I hope it's soon.
  • One of the good side effects of low-carb is (TMI) no gas. I am such a gassy person (yes, TMI), and I swear, it's sugar that causes it in me. It's nice to not constantly feel like a pin would pop me!
  • DH is having a hell of a time dealing with doctors and orders being taken care of and all that. He's so frustrated, and while I understand, he seems to think this has never happened to anyone else and that he is special. I've tried to explain to him that this stuff happens to everyone dealing with medical stuff.
  • Speaking of DH, he is in tremendous pain, and while I understand (again), he has GOT to find a way to deal better, or I am going to kill him. He sits with his leg straight out in front of him, no brace, and then yells at the kids when they trip over his leg. Well, what do you expect when it's sticking out like that?! And then it happens again 5 min later, and well, duh, yes, you didn't move it and it happened again. I don't find that all that shocking.
  • I begrudgingly did day 5 of shredding yesterday. I forgot to do it in the AM. By the time we got home at 9:30 pm last night, I was wiped. I sooooo wanted to skip, but I didn't, and I really did feel energized when I finished.
  • Have some soup in the crockpot, made with leftovers from yesterday - ham, steamed broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, and chicken stock. Later on, I'll add cheese and cream to make it tasty! Hope it turns out good.
  • It's just kind of rainy and dreary today, and I'm just feeling here. Not blah, not unhappy. Just kinda here.
  • And last but not least, a pic of my kiddos from yesterday. Aren't they the cutest?!


  1. Your kids are so adorable!!!


  2. Cutie cuties from cute-town, population TWO!

    You may need to drug your husband. He doesn't have to know about it. I won't tell, it'll be OUR secret :)

  3. man...your kids are so cute.

    Also, your heading made me think of gun bullets and I was like daaammmmn...she must be having a really bad day.

    And whatchu talking about Willis? When i was doing atkins I was a gas machine. I think it was from all the bars though!

  4. your kids are just stunning. I love the Easter pics and the pics you posted a couple weeks ago. Just beautiful! Thanks for all the low carb info - I am debating giving it a whirl. I am about 80% decided to do it and each time I read your blog I am more convinced I should try it:) How long do you plan on sticking with low carb? A long time or just as a jump start

  5. Those are the cutest dang kids!!! Love them.

  6. so so so cute...and I love seeing your name come up on my dashboard to read!

  7. They are so cute :o) and why do men do that - it's not like they don't know what kids are like ?!? :o)

  8. Adorable kids and sorry to hear about your hubs-- I missed the injury report, I'll have to look back!
    Looks like you're cooking up some good stuff as well-- good luck w / low carbing.

  9. your blond babies are so cute!!

    Acutally you are right, carbs cause gas! Atleast that is what my nursey mom always said!

    It sounds like you are doing pretty good..even with a husband in pain!