Wednesday, April 13

Damn Testosterone!

Is that what makes men lose faster? Whatever it is, IT'S NOT FAIR!

Ok, I actually know DH lost more than me, because his diet was 10x worse than mine was when we started Atkins a week ago. And I'm not disappointed in the least in my weight loss, but still, he lost more than me. Stupid head. I liked weighing less than him.

We lost a 2 year old child between the two of us. I lost 9.6 lbs, and DH lost 16 freakin' lbs!

The battle is on - I will weigh less than him next week.

I know I'm starting to sound like a lowcarb freak or something, and I'm sure it'll get more boring and challenging as we go forward, but it's not been bad. Tonight we're having butter chicken (Indian dish) over cauli-rice with asparagus and probably some raita if I get my butt to the grocery store today. Oh, that's assuming I can eat today, which I think I'll be able to.

Off to clean my entire house. Please pray for me!


  1. Men suck in the weight loss department. :-)

    Good job! You are rockin' the low carb thing.

  2. Please come clean for me!!
    Awesome weightless my dear...just plain awesome. I didn't do nearly as well but I am continuing with it I think.

    My mom swears the low carb is the only thing that works for her!

  3. Dang...10 lbs in one week. So tempting. I just don't think i like meat enough to do Atkins.

  4. You go Amy!! Show DH who's boss of weightloss!! LOL! You are rocking the Atkin's good job!

  5. I just had gastric bypass surgery and me and the boytoy are doing my diet together. Do you know that we lost the same amount of weight. I had freaking surgery and he is losing just as much as me. Make me almost want to push him down the stairs and see how much weight he loses when he has a cast just joking but I understand your frustration

  6. Amy, I opened your blog today and looked at your profile picture and couldn't even figure out who you are! You look so amazing! You've always been beautiful, but DAMN Amy! Now you're beautiful and SKINNY!

    Are you really complaining about losing almost 10 lbs. in a week? Cuz if you are I might have to come beat you! LOL.

    You are rocking it!

  7. My husband can skip a meal and lose 5 pounds. I am so jealous.

  8. Wow! Great weight loss... If it wasn't for the stressful move and all... I would definitely do Atkins too. I always lose a ton of weight on the low carb diets. I love the clothes... and I am really gonna miss you. *M*