Thursday, April 28

Good Band News for All of Us!

I soooo forgot to tell you guys this. After the freak out a few weeks ago about that Belgian study (or wherever it was from) about how like only 10% of bands are problem-free or some other BS, I was a tad freaked out. Remember that?

I went to support group a few weeks ago and asked the leader about that news story. She's been an RN in the surgeon's office for four years. She said in that time, they've had ONE slip. ONE. No removals. And she couldn't remember for sure if she'd even seen a dilated pouch, but she said if she had, it was maybe one or two.

Four years, thousands of patients, and virtually no problems. Granted, this practice is pretty disciplined with its patients, and they are very good with follow-through with their patients, but still, isn't that good news?!