Friday, April 8

My daily BAND-width

If you want to be cool like me, hop on over to Tripletmomma's blog and snag her logo for this great project - posting what you eat once in a while, which is what all the cool kids are doing after the Dr. Oz fiasco of SIX TABLESPOONS OF YOGURT for breakfast show.

Remember, I am on Atkins Induction right now.

B: Coffee with heavy cream and splenda, two deviled eggs

L: About 7 homemade pepper poppers (mini sweet peppers stuffed with pepperjack and cream cheeses and wrapped in bacon)

S: Cocoa mousse (heavy cream whipped with cocoa and splenda)

D: Cilantro lime shrimp with chunky avocado salsa on top of a romaine salad, mexican spinach casserole

S: Homemade vanilla ice cream (oh, heaven!)

Still on Atkins

B: Coffee with heavy cream and splenda (nothing else, but simply because I was busy taking pictures)

S: Two slices of muenster cheese

L: Egg drop soup, about 1/2 of a small order of chicken with mushrooms (no rice)

S: Leftover mexican spinach casserole

D: Pizza Parmigiana Patties (bulk italian sausage mixed with chopped onion, garlic, egg, shredded italian cheese, crushed pork rinds, and chopped pepperoni coated in parmesan cheese, cooked in tomato sauce and covered with provolone), garlic green beans, and a romaine salad with onions, italian cheese, and chopped pepperoni

S: Iced coffee with heavy cream, cocoa, and splenda; debating a pepper popper or two

Both days, I've been totally satisfied and most importantly, NOT HUNGRY.

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