Sunday, February 21

You know what stinks?

Taking the time to make a nice dinner for the family...and then PB'ing your second bite and being done with it all.

Yep, folks, don't be jealous of my life.

I made barbacoa in the pressure cooker, homemade guac, spanish rice, and all the fixings. The first bite went down ok. The second bite was a bit chewier and kinda stuck. Since I've experienced stuck, I thought it was going to be ok. Suddenly, I realized it was not going to be ok. I ran to the bathroom and up it came.

I've officially PB'ed. And I survived. It obviously wasn't fun, but it wasn't a big deal either.

And sorry my other post wasn't very clear. I just moved my blog to one of my other gmail accounts, which you wouldn't/shouldn't have even noticed. But I did unfollow everyone from my original account and will re-follow tomorrow!

My next fill is in 2.5 weeks, and I've got to be close. I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel - I am almost there. And I can't wait for the first time I can post, "I ate 5 bites and was stuffed!"


  1. i hear ya on the "ate five bites and was stuck" thing.... i think i am almost there... today i went without hunger.

  2. Oh man...I haven't experienced that yet *fingers crossed*

  3. Five bites and stuffed.. I want to be there. what size is your band and how much do you have now>

  4. It is gross but kinda good because you know the band is working. My worst was at sushi train and wondering if I would just gag right on the train.....ewwwwwwww!!!! What is barbacoa???