Saturday, February 13

Talk about timing...first STUCK episode

As soon as you veterans quit laughing and wipe the tears from your eyes, I hope you'll continue reading. As for my fellow baby bandsters, I have learned my lesson!

I just got stuck. And holy hell, that sucked.

I was eating some leftover shrimp pad thai for lunch. I got a small last night and ate half of it with no problem. I chewed my small bites well and was fine.

Today was a totally different story. I took a small bite with a 1/4 of a medium shrimp with two small slivers of noodle. Chewed, chewed, chewed. Swallowed...and....STUCK.

And for the love of all that is good, it also happened right when both kids were crying. I couldn't even think. All I could think about was the pain in my chest.

I was sliming and trying to stop the kids from crying. And DH is asking me what's wrong and wants me to answer, and I can't even talk. The spit and mucus just kept coming and coming and ugh. Crying kids, annoying DH, ahhhhhh....

It went down rather quick for a stuck episode - maybe 15 min - but I will. not. be. doing. that. again.

Lessons learned:

1. Pad thai is not band friendly.
2. I have more restriction than I was giving the band credit for.
3. No more pasta for the time being.
4. I don't like being stuck.
5. Karma works in funny ways!


  1. Other lesson that I learned: Time of day makes all the difference in the world for me. I can't eat meat for lunch but typically can at dinner. Sorry you got stuck and at such a crappy time! But, you've cleared that hurdle so if it happens again you'll know what it's like. xoxo

  2. Gosh...don't you love can't even be stuck in peace!!!! Just is truly horrible isn't it. I find I get more stuck at dinner....seems I am the opposite of Jen and many others. Take care

  3. Awe, I would never laugh about that! I know it hurts and when you have no control over that upcoming mucus slim stuff it's hard to answer anyone's questions!! Sorry it happened. I am more restricted in the AM ~ like this morning I took two bites of a fried egg and gave it to the hubby. About 45 mins later I thinned out some cream of wheat with milk and heated it up and it went down fine. I'd rather be more restricted in the PM cuz that's my bad time of day as far as eating goes!! Hang in there!! ;-)

  4. WOW! I had pad thai for dinner one night this week and then I took it for lunch the next day at work and I had the same exact thing happen to me. It was awful!

  5. And there you have it in a nutshell! What works one day with the band, surely doesn't the next. Wonder why that is.
    Hope you're feeling better today - being stuck is no fun and it HURTS!!!

  6. Poor you!! Yikes... glad you are on the other side of this bad experience, but it happens to everyone for sure.
    I have read that SHRIMP is particularly difficult, as is lobster (in "Fighting Weight")

    While I am more of a baby b. than you-- I also find, like Jennyr. said, I have much more luck and freedom in the evening-- so I attempt different stuff later in the day and get away with a bit more at night. Not always the best thing for weight loss!!!

    Anyhow: you're officially inducted into the sliming/ stuck hall of fame-- I'm wondering when it's my turn, seems rather inevitable by all accounts....

  7. I still don't have my band, but when I went to support group, they were talking about how left over foods didn't do well with the band. That especially beef, shrimp and chicken has a different texture when it's not fresh cooked. So interesting to read about this. Hope all goes well and no more stuck stuff.

  8. Haven't had a bad stuck/sliming episode yet.. Not looking forward to it! Sounds awful. Glad it didn't last too long!

  9. this literally made me laugh out loud! lol i haven't been stuck in the 7 months since surgery and would be DELIGHTED if it happened to me! pain and all! LOL