Wednesday, February 3

The Not-So-Sweet Spot

I think my restriction is at that not-so-sweet spot where things threaten to get stuck, but you don't have prolonged satisfaction. Yep - I about got stuck on a hard-boiled egg this morning, and it scared the jeepers out of me. I did NOT want to be stuck at work! It was my fault - I was gulping it down before a teleconference, and the last bite was big and went down hard. All of a sudden, I had that horrible feeling right in the middle of my chest. I pounded on my chest like that famous gorilla that invaded New York - what's his name? Why is my mind going blank? Anyhow, thank goodness none of my coworkers were walking by at that very moment, as I am sure I would have had some explaining to do.

In the garbage went the other egg. I was too scared to even nibble on it. And I was still hungry. Boohoo. Thank goodness, it's almost lunch time.

So that's my not-so-sweet spot. All the no-fun parts of restriction with none of the benefits. BUT I also know this means real restriction has to be hiding right around the corner, and I'm hoping I find it next Tuesday at my third fill. Just for the record, in case you haven't kept notes on all my fills (but you should!), I have a 14cc band and have had two fills for a total of 7.5cc (6cc on the first, 1.5cc on the second).


  1. King Kong. I had that pain in my chest feeling yesterday when I didn't chew a bite well enough. It does get better and of course each time it happens we learn to chew that much more. HUGS

  2. My first time PB and getting stuck was on a Hard boiled egg! I was awful :)

  3. I've been catching up on your blog the last few days and just wanted to say hi!

    I have always had a hard time eating eggs with my band. I have to eat them even more slowly than other foods.

  4. KING KONG! Thanks, Ramona. I got Godzilla in my head and couldn't think of anything else. I even wanted to google it, but couldn't google it without a name! How's that for pathetic?

    Nicole, I think I'm done with hb eggs for the time being, sadly, as they are one of my favorite breakfasts. Cheap and fast!

    Leslie, nice to meet you!

  5. Chew, chew, chew. Eat slow, slow, slow. I try and remember every time but when I forget....oh boy, I can sure feel it. Hang in there, they tell me this all becomes second nature eventually :))

  6. Hey there, sorry I haven't been by lately-- I was thinking of you and the sleep stuff when I passed by the book aisle and saw "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child"...
    Anyway: I've been reading that the restriction often comes on after about a week post fill-- perhaps you're in for better restriction and more satisfaction soon?
    Hope so!!

  7. Hi Just found your blog. Your little boy is adorable. I hate being stuck and still being hungry ....but you do just too scared to eat more don't you??? You are a month ahead of me....