Tuesday, February 9

I love aggression

Well, not really in most cases. But I am in love with my surgeon's aggressive nature today. He gave me an additional 1.5 cc, which brings my total to 9 cc in a 14 cc band! He knows that I am self-pay, have to drive 1+ hour each way, and have to take time off work to go (which my schedule is very accomodating, but still a pain).

I hope this is it. I really, really do. Liquids are going down fine, but I know that doesn't really mean anything. I'm starving, so I'd love to eat something and see, but since I'm supposed to be on clear liquids today, I won't do that. However, I also don't think I'm going to make it on clear liquids all day. I didn't have time to eat this morning since I can't eat for 4 hours before a fill and my fill was at 9 am. I was not getting up at 4:30 am to eat. :) I love eating, but not that much!

On lapbandtalk.com, there's a poll about how many cc's got people to restriction in a 14 cc band. It seems like 75% or more of respondents were at restriction at 9 or less. I told my surgeon that, and while he's fairly confident I'll be close if not there, he also said that everyone is different and the numbers don't really mean anything. Hmph. I so wish this was an exact science. Science is way underrated, isn't it?

I can't wait to eat something and see...


  1. Good luck with lucky number #9 ;)

  2. I just linked to your blog from another bandsters (can't even remember who...) & I LOVE it!
    Love your "why I was banded" list, love the pics of your son (SO cute), love your writing.
    I'm adding you to my blog roll, & I hope you'll check me out too. I'm just getting started, both in band-land (1/2 way through the insurance phase which puts my surgery near end of April), & with my new band-blog: Band on the Run


  3. Well: I hope this one does the trick!! Good luck with it, I had my first fill yesterday and am struggling to stay on my liquids today until I'm freed to have mushies tomorrow.
    Can hardly wait.
    Take care and keep on going!!!

  4. Good luck at 9ccs! I'm at 6ccs in a 14cc band and have no restriction, so I'm hopefully that another 2-3 will really help me out.