Thursday, February 25

Hearing things?

I'm listening to the radio at work, and while I listen, I don't really pay attention, until I hear someone say, "You have the lap-band, go get a little bit of a fill."


I totally forgot that the main deejay had lap-band surgery about two years ago. Apparently, he's struggling right now, and someone called in and reminded him a fill would help. He has lost 120 lbs, so he's doing great, but hasn't lost in a few months, so he needs to get back on track.

Like Cara said, the banded walk among us!


  1. Funny how it pops up when you least expect it, huh? Sounds like the dj has done great with the band. Always good to hear.

  2. great. now you are hearing voices...

  3. Oh How funny I thought someone was reminding you of your appt....he has done very well

  4. I have my lapband surgery today. I enjoy reading your blog! Keep up the good work!