Monday, February 22


I am feeling a bit more in control of life....however, it still is a bit crazy. See Exhibits 1 & 2 below:

1. My cleaning lady was supposed to start back today (after being off because we were broke) but she had to cancel!'s because of snow-delayed school, so I understand, but I still wanted to cry.

2. Speaking of, I got the kids off to daycare and came to work. I was working away for about 30 min when I realized no one else had showed up yet. I am often the first one to work, so that's not unusual. Too bad, we had a delayed start for work, and I never even considered calling in to check. The roads just weren't that bad! So I headed home for a few hours, but dang, I could have had about another hour at home if I had just called. Oh well... I still got a bunch done during my kid-free time: two loads of laundry, filing, bill paying, and more.

I also have to apologize, because I think my posts have been less than clear lately. Barbara asked "Five bites and stuffed.. I want to be there. what size is your band and how much do you have now?" in response to my last post. I meant I *wish* I was there. I am so not there yet. I am close - PB'ing and being stuck are signs - but I'm not experiencing any getting-full-sooner or staying-full-longer. Yet. Next fill is in two weeks. Thank goodness.

Finally, I think I am refollowing everyone's blogs, but if I missed yours, please just comment and I will follow. I've missed you guys!

Oh, this is really finally. A public shout-out to Shrinking Mommy for so generously sending me clothes without me even having to ask! She rocks...and has great taste in clothes. :)


  1. I don't think you're following me again! :) Unless I couldn't find you in my list which is quite possible! :)

  2. Hi, Amy. I just started following your blog. I hope to be banded next month. I love your list, "Why I Was Banded." I can relate.

  3. Hang in there the restriction will come...well that's what they say and I belive them ;)

  4. Now following Camille and Tiffani!

  5. Hey Amy,
    I'm not sure that you are re-following me...
    :: Volume Control ::
    we tall girls gotta stick together!