Thursday, February 18

Quick update

I'm moving my blog to a different email address, so I had to unfollow everyone. I will be following again shortly - just trying to make sure I get everything switched over so the switch is clean. :)


  1. Ohhhh? Was that you that left? I noticed one less follower and I was bummer.. but you still love me?? lol (kidding!!) Do come back though. Good luck with it.

  2. Of course I still love you, Cara! I'd started this blog under my main gmail account, but wanted it under one of my secondary accounts, so I could put my personal blog that all my IRL friends read with my main gmail account. It was a PITA, and since not everyone knows I am banded, AND because I like to be able to write without feeling censored, I made the switch. I will get my following back on in a few minutes!

  3. So: where are you at? I am so confused... can I come and read and play? I miss you.
    Hope you're well and getting sleep!!!
    xox Vanessa