Sunday, December 27

Who needs the band? Just get the stomach flu!

Seriously, who needs the band? I might not have restriction, but I'm barely eating anything. Unfortunately, it's not as fun as it might sound, as it's because I am still nauseated from that dumb stomach flu. For example, last night for dinner, I had 2 oz of meat, about 6 brussel sprouts, and 2 bites of roasted potatoes. And I felt instantly nauseated. It happens at every meal, regardless of what I am eating. I'm tired of this - it's been nearly a week, and I still don't feel 100%.

I just hope that means I lose this week. I have been a good girl and stayed off the scale, so I won't know until Wednesday. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Other than that, DH and I are going to work on decluttering this house. We have SOOOOOOO much junk - and I am tired of it. Vanessa posted about the show Intervention. Also on A&E is Hoarders - anyone else watch it? Whenever we watch an episode, I have a near compulsion to get rid of everything but the bare necessities! It's like aversion therapy. So, off to declutter I go...


  1. Too funny-- I also clean WHILE I watch Hoarders. WE are clearly birds of a feather... do you actually live anywhere nearby? I would love to meet sometime, of course.
    We could talk for hours, no doubt and it would be great to have someone to blab about with the band...

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. With ya, Amy!! I keep empty boxes by the door that leads to my garage and as soon as I fill one I run it to Goodwill. Was delighted when my local Goodwill opened a DRIVE THRU DROP-OFF!!! Great motivation, they make it SO easy. I just want to get rid of everything!!! Love your list of Goals....and I'm so sorry you're suffering with the flu. Hang in there, better days ahead :))

  4. So sorry you have the flu, however, I sometimes wish I could get it. I haven't had the flu in 16 years!! Right now it might help me to lose some weight! LOL

    As for the show Hoarders, I have never seen it, but our house could really use it too! In fact, my DH has decided that we are getting rid of our house & moving into a large 5th Wheel that we can move around, sometime in the next 4-8 months! So talk about having to downsize!! We have 3 separate sets of living room furniture in our house!!

    Have a great New Years!!!

  5. love hoarders. well, i don't know any to love, but i do love the show. i feel bad for the people and commend the show for trying to address some of the underlying issues -- or at the very least educate us about them.

    i like the contact high i get from the first half of intervention.

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