Wednesday, December 9

Food, glorious food!

Mushies. I've never been so happy to eat grits and an egg in my entire life. However, I don't have a bit of restriction, so boo-hoo. But that's OK. I will survive until my first fill (four more weeks), especially knowing my surgeon is aggressive with his fills (or so he claims - I hope my aggressive is the same as his aggressive.)

I gained 4.2 lbs this week on full liquids. I'm okay with it. I'm still down 31 lbs in 4 weeks. Not too shabby. I think it's a combo of the trauma of surgery and low calories (I averaged less than 1,000 calories daily last week.) Even though I realize this week is still about healing, I'm going to aim to average 1,500 calories daily and see if that helps things a bit. At well over 300 lbs, I don't think my body likes too low of calories. 1,500 shouldn't be too hard to hit with CHEESE on the approved list of foods. I'm gonna be gnawing on some cheese - perhaps even that trophy of cheese that Heidi gave me! :)

But here's the strange thing. I rarely get headaches. And I have a giant one today! The first food I've had in a month, and I want to cry from this stupid headache.

Even stranger, I just called DH and asked him if he wanted to go to the Y tonight. WHAT?!?!?! I actually do like exercise, so this isn't really that odd, BUT I haven't liked it lately, because it's hard to enjoy purposely hoisting around 375 lbs of flab. Now that I'm not utterly exhausted at the end of each day, I have a bit more energy, and a stroll on the treadmill or elliptical actually sounded appealing.

Now I know for sure that 28 days of liquids affected my brain!


  1. Good for you! But take it easy on the exercise. Don't over do it like I did. I am 20 days out from Surgery & I either pulled the muscles around my Port or I flipped my Port putting up our Christmas Decorations last week!

    I was afraid to call my Surgeon's office, but decided to take it extra easy. Most of the Bandster's that responded told me the same. So I will find out on Dec 28th when I go in for my first Fill whether the Port is flipped or not!!!

    Exercise is good, but do take it easy. My DH & I go walking together at night so we can look at the Christmas Lights.

  2. Hey Amy!

    I didn't realize that you and I started around the same place.... I topped out at 375.5 in January, decided to get the band at 365 in May, by the time I had my first appointment in June 2009 I was 350, and today (December 9, 2009) I am 275. 100 pounds down this year!

    Hmmmm.. headaches. Have you started eating those cheeses by chance? I ask, because I have been a migraine sufferer most of my life, and although it's not a trigger for me, PLENTY of people have problems with aged cheeses and headaches. Otherwise, make sure you're getting plenty of water? If all fails, I've been known to raid my children's liquid tylenol from time to time :)

    My doctor is also aggressive with fills. I got my band on August 6, 2009, and I have had 5 fills so far, and am at 8.5cc in a 14cc band. (Allergan, size large) I didn't feel restriction until I was at about 6.5cc, and then at 7.5cc, I started having sliming episodes, and now at 8.5cc, I have reasonable restriction, and PLENTY of sliming/PB episodes. Actually, if I'm not REALLY conscious of what's in my mouth, and eat absentmindedly, I am guaranteed at least 15-60 minutes of agony. Kind of made me pull my big girl panties up, and take eating more seriously.

    Wow...... look at me chatting up your blog! Come and see me at mine I love talking to other women who are in the same "boat" as me :)


    p.s. I haven't done a STITCH of exercise yet. However.... I also had HH repair, and a fundoplication surgery to boot while we were throwing in that band (google fundoplication, you'll find out WAY more than you wanted to :)

  3. Hi Amy,

    Cheese is divine, isn't it. God I love cheese.

    You are doing so well. Keep up the good work. It's good to hear what you're going through too.