Tuesday, December 22

Losing the hard way

Just a quick post to say that our house has been hit by the stomach bug. First, DS. Then DD got it bad enough that I had her in the ER last night. While we were gone, DH got it. Once I got back home, I got it as well.

It's nasty. I did use DD's Zofran to keep from vomiting, and managed to only have one bout of it, so hopefully, I didn't do any damage, especially since I'm not even 4 weeks post-op.

Post more when I am feeling better.


  1. So sorry to hear this! And the whole family at the same time!

    You might want to consider contacting your Surgeon's office to see if they might want to give you a prescription for an anti vomiting med of your own. Plus, they can tell you if they are overly concerned about the possibility of band slippage.

    Hope all feels better soon.

    Debi: www.hawaiiboundbandster.blogspot.com

  2. hey amy... catching up on a couple days worth of blogs today.

    sorry about the stomach thing. i agree with calling the surgeon. i remember reading on the boards once that someone got an unfill due to a stomach bug. i know you are fill-less but this may be of interest to your surgeon.

    i hope it is only a 24 bug and you can get on with your christmas plans and road trip!

    i have been in a blogging slump lately on top of being busy. but i really look forward to reading others...so keep blogging!

    one last thing, what size are you? i have some super comfy size 28 jeans. can i send them to you?


  3. Amy: sorry you're feeling ill!! Remember, if you get very vomit-y, call your doc, you need an unfill quick so you don't displace the band.
    Zofran is a good idea...

    Hope you feel way better soon!

  4. Oh your poor guys. Winter sucks sometimes and right at Christmas too. Keep up the Zofran darl. Thinking of you and sending 'get well' thoughts!!