Thursday, December 10

700 calorie breakfast!

Guess I was hungry! I made egg salad with about 4 eggs (I say about, as DD was eating some of it as I was making it) and 2 T. of mayo last night. I intended to eat part for breakfast and have part of it if I needed it late morning or mid-afternoon. Instead, I just devoured the entire thing PLUS a piece of string cheese. Now, I did eat it slowly (at least slowly for a starving woman) and in small bites, but in no way am I overfull. In fact, my belly is still growling an hour later.

Apparently, I was hungry.

And since this process is not about torture, I'm okay with a 700 calorie breakfast. I obviously won't make a habit of it, but I think I need to respond to my what my body is asking for, unless it involves chocolate ice cream. :)

So, moving on and aiming for a bit lower calorie lunch.

We did go to the Y last night, despite the crazy winds that threatened to blow DD right over. I walked about 1.4 miles in 35 min on the treadmill. It felt good to just get out and do something. Our Y is brand new and has amazing machines. Each treadmill and elliptical has its own TV, which I find so cool. Here's the funny part - I was channel surfing and looking for MTV, and they had it blocked. BUT they didn't block VH1 or BET, both of which have shows that are just as objectionable (hello, Real Chance of Love!) as MTV's shows. I watched Wheel of Fortune instead and beat all those contestants in my head! I actually am really good at that show, and DH keeps threatening to sign me up online to be on it. Once I lose 100 lbs, I might actually consider it.

I guess I don't have anything else to bore you with today. So until something exciting happens...


  1. ooooh...yes! do wheel of fortune. i love it too.

    hey! don't know real chance of love! i have been so pissed the past couple months because that ryan guy from megan wants a millionaire got not one but two shows cancelled. i saw the other night that the entertainer will be on with his own dating show in january. did i ever tell you i LOVE trashy v-h1 shows!!!!

    now is a good time to work on portion control. and i am only saying this because at 2 days post-fill i am struggling with the eating too much and too fast thing and it just doesn't feel good having your insides put pressure on your throat...

  2. I'm a Wheel Watcher :) Love that show!!

    700 calorie breakfast? Meh.... thinking of the carbs, you probably clocked in at about 6-8 carbs for the whole thing, all while getting some good fats and protein. 700 GOOD calories, instead of 700 wasteful ones!

    My hubby and I went to New Orleans in 1998 for our anniversary, and went to Brennan's for breakfast. (what it's famous for) It was 3 courses, and my meal started with a baked apple with cream, then a crab/hollandaise over eggs, followed up with a large slab of chocolate cake. I can't even imagine what type of calories that clocked in, but I bet it came in close to 2000-2500! My husband and I dragged our butts for the rest of the day, and couldn't even eat until dinner!

    Glad you had fun at the gym!!

  3. Lol You must have been hungry - I had to laugh at your opening line.. '700 calorie breakfast - I must have been hungry.' You always have a way of getting right to the heart of the matter in one foul swoop!

    At least you probably managed to walk most of it off. But even if not, your body was craving it and like you said, it won't be a habit thing, just a one off. Funny girl :)

  4. I love wheel of Fortune!
    they say in the morning if you are hungry EAT!
    And that so delish and yummy and protein!