Tuesday, December 8

Day 28 of 28!

I've officially made it! I am on day 28 of the 28-day liquid diet. WOOHOO! I seriously can hardly believe it. Granted, I have to make it through today yet, but I am obviously not going to mess it up now.

It's amazing what 28 days of liquids will do to your thought process about food. Someone brought donuts in the other day, and I easily walked right past them. I am not craving sweets of any kind. I am craving solid protein and veggies - eggs, hamburger, peppers, broccoli, chicken, steak, fish. I am having serious fish cravings. I am so-so on fish, so this is surprising me! Oh, and cheese - can't wait to have some cheese. In fact, I think I'm going to run to a local farmer's market at lunch and buy a variety of cheeses for this week.

Yesterday, Elliana posted this great stuff (her stuff is always great and thought-provoking and makes me go, "Yeah, exactly" but this was especially great):

"Even though I never let my weight get in the way of my enjoying life, I realize now that in a subtle way, it did hinder my ability to enjoy those things I love the most. Changing my lifestyle to achieve a healthy weight is about more than just preventing future health problems like diabetes and heart disease, it's about living life to it's fullest. Embracing every opportunity to enjoy each day, undertake new challenges and find the peace within that brings the true joy in life. I am so grateful that I got to the point I did. As difficult as it was, it has made all the difference."

Exactly! As much as I am/was mad at myself for getting so far overweight, I don't know if I would have ever considered the band at a lower weight. Perhaps I needed to get this heavy to find a solution.


  1. you deserve a trophy (carved out of cheese, of course) for going 28 days! take it easy this week with the food. remember the guideline...try one food at a time and go slow.

    i have been craving fish like crazy too. weird. i wonder what vitamin we are missing?

  2. You have the most amazing fortitude sticking to 28 days just as you were told to - but you know what? This is going to make you a super-successful bandit because I tend to think those that do what they're told from the doctors have the best weight loss success - they know more than us and we must listen to them.. which you do!! Congrats :)