Monday, December 21

Even boring myself...

I just sat here for 10 min, trying to come up with something to post about. A witty title. Anything to interest my 32!!! followers. And guess what I came up with? Nada.

But I guess that's actually a good thing.

Let's see. Eating is going pretty well. I've not gone overboard and have only strayed from my prescribed post-op instructions twice. Once was last week at my work holiday party - I had two small cookies and about 8 potato chips. The other was over the weekend - I had a few bites of a hot fudge sundae. Not too shabby - I've almost completed 5 weeks, including pre-op, and I'm happy with where I am. I have avoided the scale this week, so I have no clue what Wed will bring. I hope it's good news, but if not, I know this is still recovery time, and with zero restriction, I can't expect miracles. My goal is to hold steady through the rest of the holidays until my first fill in early January. If I can go into that still 36 lbs down, I'll mark it down as a success!

Other than that, I seriously am boring. Work through Wed, then Christmas Eve at our house with the in-laws, then Christmas Day at my parents' house. And then DD and I are taking a short road-trip to visit my BFF in WI. That should be interesting, as DD has never been on a long car trip. I'm hoping she does OK! Since she still rides rear-facing, I am going to flip her carseat around for the drive so I can see what she's doing easier. Hopefully that will thrill her enough to keep her occupied for the 6-7 hour drive!

OK, enough boring you. Off to see what everyone else is up (or down!) to!


  1. Oh Amy, I don't think your post was boring at all! But then, that is why I haven't posted much either, because not too much has happened!!

    Hope your drive to WI is safe & uneventful & your DD is a trouper for the long drive!!

    Have a great Christmas!


    Happy Holidays

  2. Not boring at all. Just living life and it's still interesting to hear what others are doing for the holidays:) Have a safe trip to WI! Great job on sticking to the plan! Wow, 8 chips and 2 cookies, wish I was counting how many I had:( Anyways, have a wonderful holiday!!! Here's to a great upcoming year...cheers:)

  3. I agree - no matter what you have to say - we are always interested.. even if you think we shouldn't be!

    You have yourself a fabulous Christmas chicklett - and have some fun.