Thursday, December 3

Just a bit of babbling...

Oh, the gas! It is still hanging around and making itself known once or twice per day. Fortunately, walking and/or GasX seems to do the trick. But dang, that pain is frickin' fierce. It is s-l-o-w-l-y getting better, and I think it's the full liquids, so I'm hopeful as I move into mushies, it'll completely go away.

I'm really enjoying my soup, yogurt, and pudding, but of course, now I'm dreaming about mushies. Cheese grits topped with a poached egg sounds heavenly. As does ricotta cheese mixed with an egg and some parm, baked, and topped with marinara and mozz. As does cream of wheat mixed with an egg (to add some thickening and protein). As does hummus...and cottage cheese...and oatmeal...tofu...and... Can you tell I'm excited about starting mushies? :)

One thing that has been bothering me is the gnawing hunger in my belly. I get satisfied on some soup or yogurt, but that hollow, gnawing feeling never goes away. It's getting quite old. The ONLY thing keeping me from going crazy on a big fat cheeseburger or something else is the fear of messing up my band. Good thing I'm a rule follower, or I'd be shoveling food down my throat right now.

I guess that's all I have to babble about today. Hmmm, the lack of food must be affecting my babbling!


  1. Ack - you're in Bandster Hell!! There's a reason we call it that.. poor you.. the good news is it should abate some once you go on mushies (I remember my first little plate of runny scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a bit of lite cream cheese....ahhh jeez that was heaven!!.. oh damn talking about food to you.. sorry.. my bad!)
    With any luck once you are on mushies that horrible gas should go with it. Hang in there!!

  2. If Cara (The Dash) is right, maybe that is why I never had any gas pains. I pretty much started eating mushies on the day after Surgery! My Doctor wasn't thrilled, but since I have been careful & haven't had any PB'g or sliming, & I have been losing weight, he said ok. Oh, & my Surgeon said that I could drink up to the time of the meal, then I only had to wait for 30 mins after the meal to begin drinking!

  3. try some hot tea for the gas. that seemed to work for me.

    do you want to call your surgeon and see if you can move onto mushies? i don't think it is anyone's intend to make you suffer. i was able to move onto mushies early after talking to the surgeon.