Tuesday, December 1

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go...

Back to work for me. I'm feeling fine. Hardly even a twinge of pain. I did have some major shoulder pain last night, and I am praying it's just some residual gas pain and not that horrid referred-diaphram-pain I keep hearing about. It feels better so far today, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I had one protein shake spread out throughout the day yesterday, and I did really well with it. I'm getting progressively hungrier, though, so I am currently sipping on an entire protein shake for breakfast (a Muscle Milk Light - 8.5 oz, 160 cal, 20 g protein). Not sure if I'll get it all down, but I didn't want to be miserable at work this morning.

Have I mentioned that I work for that organization that is famous for their cookies? I am in charge of PR/marketing/communications, and since cookie season is quickly approaching (Jan in this part of the country), I am finishing up this year's PR campaign. This includes creating marketing packages for all the local tv/radio/newspapers, and I take them all a sampler pack of cookies (one of each flavor). I have to pack them this week or next - and that means staring at lots and lots of cookies. Fortunately, when you have access to them year-round, they don't hold the same appeal they hold for your average consumer. Thankfully!

Other than that, I'm anxious for tomorrow to arrive. I can start soups, pudding, and yogurt. I also get to weigh in! It certainly is the small things in life!

EDIT: Holy moly, no way am I finishing that protein shake. I made it about half-way through before my stomach said, "WTF are you thinking? I am full!" Wow. That was a new sensation!


  1. oh, i don't know how you do it! those sweet, delicious samoas call my name every time (as do all the others). i had no idea that employees had access all year long! jealous.

    i was a member back in elementary school. such memories!!!

    stay strong!

  2. oh man cookies are my weakness!!
    GasX strips work really well if you are having gas pain

  3. Nicole beat me to it about the GasX strips. They are a God send. I had the exact same experience as you yesterday with the shoulder pain. I am pretty sure it was referred pain from the abdomen. It subsided and hasn't come back. Good to hear you're back at work today. I am going back Thursday. Funny you mentioned getting desensitized to cookies after having so many around all the time. For a few summers I worked for my uncle who has a large pastry shop that supplies other stores/restaurants. After those hot summers with chocolate, syrup, honey, etc sticking all over me, I have lost my desire for a lot of sweets. Copper cauldrons of molten Bernard Callebaut chocolate just don't do it for me anymore. Now a Millefeuile pasty...that's a different story. If I wasn't banded, I would consider jumping on a plane right now to Paris for some of the world's best...lol.

  4. Wow, I can only imagine how hard it can get working at a place that makes cookies! I'm glad that they don't appeal to you after being around them so much. I don't know if I could do it...for awhile I worked at the coporate headquarters for Starbucks and I couldn't get enough coffee. They had a couple coffee stations on each floor with all the syrups and flavors they have in the store. Then they send you through barista training so you could make all your own drinks, it was like they encouraged you to drink it! I think I made at least 2 drinks a day for the whole time I worked there and never got sick of it!

  5. How cool that those shakes are filling you up! Bit of a bugger though the hunger is coming back - though I guess it's to be expected. Just don't go hell for leather at work - try to kick back and take it easy because you are still healing (I think you are rather brave actually - I think I would have died going back so early after surgery.)

  6. welcome back to work! you can send some thin mints my way...i will throw them in the food processor and sprinkle them on EVERYTHING. lol.

    enjoy the lack of hunger but make sure you are getting your 70 grams on protein in!