Thursday, September 16

Thousand Word Thursday #3

I love me some bling. The faker and bigger it is, the more I love it! Seriously. I am all about big, chunky, almost gaudy. Fine - not even almost, I like it gaudy! I admit it. I went through a phase in my early 20s when I'd only wear the real deal. But these days - I can get a lot more bling for my buck with costume stuff, so that's where my love is!

Plus, jewelry always fits, so no matter how fat I got, I could always find some jewelry to make me feel better!

However, I have a few favs that are not just costume stuff. And here they go, in no particular order:

My wedding ring
I seriously puffy heart my ring. I specifically told DH I did not want a diamond, for a variety of reasons (which I don't want to offend anyone who loves diamonds, so I'll keep mum on the subject). I love turquoise, which DH knew, and this is what he came up with. It couldn't be more perfect for me if I'd picked it out myself.

My first mother's day gift
DH got me this beautiful bracelet for my first mother's day. It has DD's name engraved on one side and mother's day and the year engraved on the other. Last year, he tried to get me a matching charm with DS's name on it, but alas, they changed the design! We've not been able to find another one that matches. Total jewelry sadness. I'll rejoice the day we find another, and I'll also rejoice the day I can wear it without an extender (although honestly, I think it runs small, as I don't need an extender for anything else).

My wedding jewelry
It was blinging Swarvoski crystals - what else can I say???? (PS - the jewelry cost more than my dress...)


  1. Your wedding ring is beautiful! And that necklace is gorgeous...and so's the Mother's Day bracelet. I think he should find something completely different to honor child #2 since you can't match the first one.

  2. Your husband is a good one! Also, I like your boobies!

  3. Beautiful wedding ring indeed! All 3 are so pretty!

  4. I'm also more about costume jewelry than the real thing. I love all your jewelry. I gotta say that your wedding necklace is to die for.

  5. Love that wedding jewelry. They make your boobs look awesome. :)

  6. Love it all, especially the ring because it's so you!

  7. wedding ring and wedding jewelry are both beautiful!!

  8. Lovely !! The turquoise is such a pretty blue and I adore the setting. I love chunky jewelry too.

  9. I love all those pieces of jewlery! No wonder they are your favorites, even aside from the sentimentality!

  10. I love all the jewelry! The bracelet is my fave... just cuz of the sentimentality of it. And, though you're dissin' my diamonds (it's my birthstone), I ADORE your wedding ring. Unique, you, & gorgeous... how can you possibly go wrong there!
    You WILL be filling me in on the diamond-hatin' though. I'm just curious. I have a feeling your dislike of diamonds might match my dislike of ROSES. :)