Wednesday, September 22

Mucho better, thankyouverymuch

I'm not pressing the issue, but I have had two huge bottles of water and a venti full-octane (whole milk) latte with no problems whatsoever today. No gurgling, no feeling stuck, going down fine.

I'm still going for a slight unfill when I can, hopefully next week, but I'm not feeling as desperate as I was.

I am going to do true liquids today and ease back into mushies tomorrow, assuming I still feel good.

The upside of this is I'm down 3+ lbs this week for a grand total of 119.2 lbs. Sunday is my 10-month bandiversary, and I won't lie, it'd be nice to be at an even 120 lbs lost by then!

Other than that, I am highly jealous of all this BOOB talk. And BOOB action. Sigh. So sad. But I did a little retail therapy today and bought some gorgeous 3.25" heels to wear to the wedding next weekend. When I was fatter, I never wore heels (for obvious reasons). I am trying them around the house to make sure I can handle them; I sure hope I can - they make my feet look uber-sexy!

All you BOOBS, have fun. And please promise we're going to do this again soon! Someone (Kristen, I think) mentioned a BOOBS cruise. I am ALL OVER THAT. :) Or FL. That would be easy for me! HA!


  1. Wow, 119lbs in 10 MONTHS? That is amazing! Congrats! I get so amazed at everyone's progress!

    Yes, the BOOBS trip sounds like fun. I so could use and adventure right now too. Life is pretty hum-drum around here.

  2. BOOBS cruise, all inclusive and FL all sound good to me, but if we go within the year I think I'll need to bring my family.

    I'm going to the Orlando Universal in February so would love to meet up with anybody interesting in doing that trip.

  3. I'm so proud of you!! Glad you are feeling better!
    I speak for Gilly and myself (and everyone) you will be greatly missed!

    We WILL do it again!

  4. WAHOOOO I say while everyone is away this weekend me and you start brainstorming next years event! So happy your starting to feel better, 120 down is YOURS this Sunday!

  5. We will miss you! So glad you're feeling better, you rock!

  6. Unbelievable, you have lost SOOOOO MUCH! Amazing. So glad you are feeling better, the no gurgling thing is great. But get the tiny unfill and it will be even better! We will drink to you at BOOBS!

  7. I vote Florida in the not too distant future as well and the fact that I am in Florida does not influence this vote whatsoever (AHEM)!

  8. A little unfill always helps...
    You are doing amazing! One step at a time!

    Make sure you have a drink at 5 on Saturday to toast all the hot and sessy bandbloggers!

  9. Glad to hear your feeling better! Wow 119 in 10 months thats so awesome congrats!