Monday, September 6

Royalty that I am, I deserve a TIARA!

I am not sure what the hell is wrong with me. I am sure something is, however, because I am officially, publicly announcing that I, Amy-who-once-weighed-374-lbs, am going to:


Um, wait, what?

Crap. It's out there now. You've already read it. Now I have to do it in order to save face.

Just teasing. The gorgeous (and very thin!) Jenny invited everyone to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February with her. I must have been a bit woozy from lack of protein or something, as I was on that invite like a fat girl on cake.

Actually, I'm very excited about it! My very-thin, marathon-running BFF is also going to do it with us. And maybe Southern Belle Jen (please, please, please!), and ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE READING THIS!

Who wants to join us? You get to wear a tiara! And run all through Disney property! And meet me! I mean, it's like a dream come true. And Disney is where dreams come true, so it's meant to be.

My three goals for this are:

1. Run the whole thing. In other words, no walking, except for water/bathroom breaks.

2. Finish with an average of an 11 min mile, meaning my time would be 2 hours 24 min. I'll give myself a time of 2.5 hours to allow for water/bathroom breaks.

3. Be in ONEDERLAND by the race. It's 25 weeks from this past Saturday. I currently weigh 261.4, meaning I need to lose 61.6 lbs in 25 weeks. That's an average of 2.464 lbs/week. That's a pretty aggressive goal, but the training will hopefully help me do it!

So, there you have it. Off to shop for my tiara! (Actually, we're having a small family party this afternoon. I cooked lots of goodies - tell you all about them later!)


  1. I wish I could join you girls.. But I will wish you luck from up here in Canada...

  2. You guys are going to kick major ass!!!

  3. YEAH!!!!! I'll send you an email today. I put it in my facebook status and then was like "OH SH%T, now I really have to do it!" And, my very lovely skinny marathon running friend is going to run with me too, so it will be great! So excited Amy!!

  4. I will be there cheering you on!

  5. Oh p.s. You called me THIN!!! I LOVE YOU!

  6. Sounds like fun, but hubby, kids and I will be in Orlando the week before for a family vacation at Universal. Sounds like you have a lot of great goals. Can't wait to watch your progress.

  7. Awesome!!! You are gonna rock that half marathon and look so cute in a tiara (and onederland!)

  8. Sounds like a worthy goal- looking forward to your progress, and I love tiaras!

  9. I nominated you for an award!!!
    XOXO - beth

  10. I am freaking out about walking a half-marathon around the same date! (Although, I think having a tiara as part of my attire might make running more worthwhile.) Go you, you are my new hero!

  11. You will kick some major ass, I just know it!! :)