Saturday, September 25

10 month bandiversary

10 months = 122.2 lbs and 109.75" gone. Yes, I am happy!

Here's the update on the unfill situation.

I ended up going to the ER Thursday night. I was feeling very lousy and just wanted it done and over with. I called before I went, and they assured me the surgeon would do a small unfill. I asked the nurse before I checked in and she said he would as well. I asked the doc that saw me first, and he said the same thing.

Three people told me he would only do a small unfill.

I was so dehydrated, they admitted me overnight and when I saw the surgeon in the AM, he insisted on a complete unfill. I refused. I asked him if his office would guarantee they'd take me as a patient, and he said no. Well, then I wasn't risking a complete unfill with no guarantees of a surgeon who'd refill me. I was also exhausted (didn't sleep at all - they had me in a 'observation room' with 10 billion other people and refinishing of the floors going on right outside the open door).

Then they wanted me to sign AMA paperwork (leaving "against medical advice"). Well, I refused that as well (could affect insurance paying for my visit), so they finally found a doctor who released me. Sigh.

I came home and called Heidi's doc. They were willing to see me, but the bariatric coordinator (the person I'd be seeing) wasn't thrilled with how my restriction came on and was a bit concerned about a slipped band (even though I had x-rays a the hospital that showed that it is fine), and I could just tell was a little hesitant about doing a small unfill. I don't blame her at all. She suggested I have my original surgeon call the local surgeon to see if they'd take me as a patient. Well, I couldn't reach anyone at my surgeon's office (Fridays are fill days and are crazy), so after many tears and second-guessing (was really regretting not getting the complete unfill at the ER - even debated going back!), I finally made an appointment for Monday with Fill Centers USA. I really wanted to go see Heidi's doc, but I hadn't slept and the thought of driving 6 hours in that state was more than my exhausted mind and body could handle.

So, I am on clear liquids (self-imposed) until Monday. I did try some coffee with cream last night, and it went down OK, so if we are out and about today, I may try a latte with whole milk from Starbucks. I haven't PB'ed since Tuesday (Wed?).

I guess I just have to be the odd-ball. I was reading on LBT, and there were several cases of people like me - the more they lost, the tighter their band got! One woman had to get an unfill after every 20 lbs lost, until she was basically unfilled when she was at goal, and still had restriction. It wouldn't surprise me if this happened to me. It took me such a BIG amount to get restriction - it just seems like maybe this is the flip side of that.

I hope everyone is having a blast in Chicago! I am totally jealous of everyone having a great time while I am sucking down clear liquids. :)


  1. wow... i am so sorry you are going through this.... hopefully monday it will be resolved.

    i think the theory about losing and needing an unfill is true. i can't beleive how much better i feel in general (must have been dehydrated for weeks) since getting my 2ccs out. i think i will only put one back in.

  2. Dang Amy! You have been through it!!! Hopefully they gave you some saline or something while you were there to rehydrate you. It's good they checked and confirmed that the band hadn't slipped. Hopefully Monday will give you the relief that you need.

    Congrats on 122 lbs down! I am so excited for you and want you to know that you inspire me everyday! I think you may weigh less than me now so I have to catch up!

  3. We miss all you guys. Weather is good and we are resting between all the activities. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Wow, sorry your having such a hard time. I hope after Monday things will get much better.

  5. P.S. OH YES AND CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS!! Thats fantastic!

  6. Well first of all you are a superstar in the weight loss! But so sorry you are having a hard time with your fill. These bands are not perfect that's for sure. I have had issues as well. Most of us have. Hope you get relief soon!!

  7. What a bad time you've had... Two more days of discomfort, then get sorted on Monday, then weigh yourself on Tuesday and get your biggest reward - I'll bet you've lost dramatic amounts of weight.

  8. I am so sorry! That sounds terrible. I hope you can tolerate the clear liquids! At least you know... worst case scenario, you can go back to the ER.

  9. I was hoping that this bad situation wouldn't get worse but it sure sounds like it did. I hope you feel better, I know you are headed to that wedding in a few days.... Fingers crossed. *Maria*