Tuesday, August 31

That's a good band.

I don't know what kind of magic each of you has up her (his) sleeve, but man, all I have to do is complain to you guys and BOOM! like magic, it's better.

My band is MUCH better today. I'm sticking to liquids just to ensure it's all the way better tomorrow. And guess who made a quick appearance? Aunt Flo. Hmmm....

Oh, and the scale is down 1 lb bringing me to a cool, even 110 lbs lost!

The kids and I ran a few errands today, and while we were out, I thought I'd try on some shoes in anticipation of the dress I'll be wearing to the wedding. It's amazing how much better strappy heels feel at 264 lbs vs. 374 lbs!

One of the fun things about this size is I can wear an XXL in misses or a 1x in women's right now (on top), so I have twice as much to look at when shopping. HA! Strangely, I would have thought I'd run to the misses section, just because I could, but in reality, I gravitate towards the women's section. Maybe because it's what I am used to? Maybe because I feel like an impostor in the misses section? Likewise, I don't EVER look at pants in stores other than LB, because I've been bigger than a 24W for so long. I can now wear 22W on bottom in most stores (24 from Target - jerks!), but I find myself not even looking. I guess I need to recondition myself. I could do it like one of Pavlov's dogs - put some chocolate in the misses section and near the pants in order to entice the fat girl to come over? (In case my writing isn't as funny as it sounds in my head, that was a joke!)

Anyhoooooo, off to accomplish something while the littlest one sleeps and the bigger one 'relaxes' in my room. My 30 min of alone time for the day!


  1. Glad to hear your band is doing better. Congrats on your very cool 110 lbs down. Very awesome.

  2. yeah, I went to Anthropologie the other day and felt like all eyes were on the fat girl. I didn't even try anything on! I'm not quite comfortable with it yet.

  3. YAY - my magic wand still works!

  4. So glad you are feeling better!

  5. Amy!!

    Congrats on the 110 lost!! Woo-hoo!!!

    BTW, had an lol moment about Target!! I tried on a xxl jacket, and it *so* didn't fit!! I'm currently about a size 14/16 top, and a regular L at old navy!! target is so completely off my radar now!! My size 2/4 neighbor has to wear a medium at target... So, that says something!!!

    Keep up the good work, Amy!!

    Btw... I'm self pay for fills... I pay $150, you should shop around? $400 seems steep!