Wednesday, August 4

And the Academy Award goes to...

.......ME! (and DD!)

So, here is my first ever VLOG!!!!!!!! Joey, you can stop dancing now. :)

Please excuse the horrible decor - we are living in a furnished rental. I do not own pineapple lamps nor cheesy 'starving artist' art. Nor Blanche Devereaux's bed. The bed spread, however, I will claim.

And please excuse the choppiness and interruptions, I ended up not editing it in favor of goofing around on the internet and enjoying a cup of freshly brewed Keurig coffee. I am sure you all would have done the same. And if not, you should have, that coffee was damn good!

Oh, and it's 6 min long. I like to talk. A lot.


  1. Loved it Queen Amy! Congratulations on your successes: 100 lbs lost, less to lose & Never saying sorry again!
    I SO HOPE you can make it to Chicago!
    Hugs GF!

  2. You and your daughter are precious! Congrats on the loss, you're amazing!

  3. Hey Amy-- was trying to PM you but don't see a link to your email address anywhere. I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to hear your voice and so much of what you said today in your vlog hit home with me. First, knowing you've struggled with finding restriction is just so comforting to me. As you know, its been a hard thing for me to find thus far! Second, when you said "I know every pound I lose brings me closer to my goal" I actually rewound your vlog to hear that again. I NEED to hear that. For me, the pounds go so so slowly. And even though I haven't gained weight, I sometimes get frustrated when my weekly weigh-in is only a 1/2 pound or a pound down. But what you said is so true. Each pound, each 1/2 pound even, brings me closer to my goal. I need to remember that instead of being hung up on how much I HAVEN'T lost. You know? I love your blog and am so happy that I've found you and the blogger community. Like you, if I only had LapBandTalk to turn to, I'd have thrown in the towel a month ago.

  4. Yay Queen Amy!!! Let me tell you, I'm SO glad I have you here too! And I will clean up puke for you any day of the week!

  5. Hi Queen Amy!! My name is Brie and I'm new to blogging... (my blog is at I have read your entire blog and I'm so amazed at your progress! Great job!! I'm still in the insurance phase and probably won't be banded until January/February, but I hope I can take what I've learned from you and do just as awesome! Congrats and keep up the good work!

    P.S. Your daughter is ADORABLE!

  6. LOVED this!!! You look fantastic and love your hair! I know I owe you some sisterhood clothes and I need to email you b/c I'm not sure any of my stuff will fit you anymore b/c it will be too big!!! Will email you soon!! Your DD is adorable as well!

  7. Your daughter is soooo cute. And so are you. Love hearing your voice. Congrats on making a vlog. And they say Canadians apologize and say sorry all the time. It is one of the things that foreigners say about us all the time. I think you should have bumped the old biddy and let her fall.

    I love your crown-you so deserve it. And I think you need to buy a pineapple lamp. I have two but they are brown and I think rather cool. Guess I'm just an old biddy at heart. Sorry!

  8. Congrats...your loss is amazing and an inspiration to us all.
    Love you pop tart.

  9. Love "talking" to you! Seriously - you are so dang cute. You HAVE to come to Chicago! And yes to more saying sorry and have fun meeting all those bandsters! We love you!

  10. First of all, how cute is your daughter? Goodness me. She is real cute!

    Secondly, you look amazing! I love the new 'do!

    Congrats, again, on hitting 100 lbs lost!! You are amazing and I am so glad to have met you through this process.

    We definitely need to get together in Florida! I'll be in Orlando from the 21st (late) to the 27th (early). Coffee or dinner would probably work best! I will keep you posted :)

  11. Wow, 100 is so awesome Amy. CONGRATULATIONS! That's phenomenal. You're phenomenal!

  12. AMY AMY AMY.. you and your daughter are just as adorable as can be!.. You MUST come to CHI.. we want to be with you. (AND I AM NOT GOING TO SAY SORRY FOR BEING DIRECT)..
    Loved your vlog.. please do more.. and congrats on those 100 pounds..

  13. Your daughter is super cute!!! And so are you!

    Congrats on your 100 lbs lost! I can't wait to get there!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS on 100lbs lost!!! OMG!!!

    Loved the Vlog. Your daughter is the cutest.

    You look FABULOUS!! Wow, I am so inspired. No more sorries!!!

  15. Great vlog!! I would love to do a vlog but don't really know how yet lol. You are still looking great!!

  16. I finally had a minute (or 6) alone to watch your vlog. It was great to hear your voice, that's what I love about them.
    I so hope you get to come to Chicago( I know it's tough with kids & schedules). Bonnie & I have a room for 3 (but only 2 of us) if room sharing helps you get there.
    Congrats again on 100!

  17. Thanx for the Vlog... You look great and I am so glad you are having an easier time losing the weight now than you have in the past. I have found that to be true too... I hate saying it because I have been waiting for the plateau for a month now... I seem to usually hit plateaus right before 4 months on a diet so I don't like to jynx it. It's so exciting! *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

  18. OMG I missed your vlog?!?!? That Joey chick can suck it!

    1. Love your hair.
    2. Your daughter is so cute it makes my ovaries hurt.
    3. You are a Queen.
    4. HAHAhahaha Blanche Devereaux!
    5. Love all that you said about "sorry". I noticed myself saying it less too. Does mean we have more confidence now?
    6. You look tiny. Are you sure we are the same height?
    7. I have a summer frock for you (it's a Tall!!)
    8. I'm super proud of you, less than half to go!
    9. Loved getting to hear your voice.
    10. I, too, am thankful to have you as my blog friend. Your support means the world!

    Let's never break up!!!

  19. I won't repeat what everyone said, other than, congratulations, your daughter is gorgeous, and I LOVE the haircut! And I'm only 2.5 hours south of Orlando so I can't wait to meet up with all the bandsters in the area too. :-)

  20. Wonderful vlog - I think we preferred it without editing, anyway! :)

  21. Wow, you look amazing! I love your hair, too! Your daughter is the cutest!

    I totally understand the whole "I'm Sorry" thing. I have been struggling with this issue for years now. My husband actual get so mad at me when I apologize for something that really doesn't require an apology. I feel the same way - maybe this is something that I did because I was really just so sorry for being fat and not fitting in...

    I am so excited for your upcoming progress. It must feel amazing to know that you have lost more than your than you have left! Keep on rocking it! <3