Tuesday, August 17

Quick check in with NSVs

A friend came into town - I think I failed to mention that. She knows about the band, but she's also a snoop, and I don't want her reading this blog (it's *my* space), so I couldn't log in to even check in and say hi!


More later, but my NSVs:

  • A real NSV - I haven't weighed myself in a week. I told Heidi I wouldn't, and I haven't. I can't wait to check in tomorrow for my weekly "spreadsheet" weigh in.
  • I bought new bra's - 38DDD! 38! 38! I started in 48s!
  • I also bought two new sundresses - 18/20. OMG. 18/20.
  • My friend kept telling me how good I look - and I feel it!
More later, as a cute little girl is begging for me to read her a book. Can't resist this cuteness!


  1. Great NSV's. You are brave weighing just once a week.

  2. Those are fantastic NSVs!!!!!

  3. Just wanted to say congrats and that you look fantastic! I have really enjoyed reading your blog! - Meghan

  4. Awesome! I love the bra part - I should really get fitted for a new bra just to see if there is a difference! That has to feel good! <3

  5. That's all great news...so happy for you.