Sunday, June 6


I'm pissed at myself. I've done so well for about three weeks with no stuck or PB episodes. And then last night, I was chatting with my friend while eating, and BAM! stuck on chicken. I ended up PB'ing 3x, and now I am as tight as tight can be. Like water is going down slowly tight.

When will I learn?

The scale has been WAY down this weekend. I guess that's what happens when you eat like a good little bandster and are on your feet for two solid days. I am exhausted, but it'll all be worth it. Only a few more weeks.

Off to get DD to bed...


  1. Just get thorugh each day and tick it off and think of those days when you can majorly chill out in that cool pool....please come to Boobs...I want to meet you

  2. I really think the PB/SLiming experience is cruel. UGH.

    Hope you feel better!