Friday, June 4

Friday Fun

If you are reading this, please give yourself a pat on the back and accept THANKS for being so awesome. Your comments on my post yesterday brought me to tears. I still can't believe that I am losing the weight. It's like a dream! But if it is only a dream, please don't wake me up.

The rest of my life, however, is a nightmare. O. M. G. I am beyond overwhelmed. The only saving grace is this will all be over in two weeks.

Oh, and I've already made $2,000 on my moving sale! ROCK ON! Speaking of, my friends and mom are at my house running the sale while I'm at work. Yes, I have the world's best friends and family. I had my exit interview with HR this morning - one week to go.

In the mean time, my house is a complete disaster area. There is so much stuff for the garage sale that we haven't even put it all out yet! It's insane. I guess my semi-hoarding over the past few years is going to pay us back at least a little. wink, wink

Well, kiddos, I really must run, as I am feeling guilty at my nice, sane, quiet desk while those at my house are dealing with a whirlwind! Toodles!


  1. My computer wouldn't let me comment yesterday. It was so odd - every time I would try my computer would freeze and shut down IE. It wasn't your blog, it's a bug with this danged pc. I was so frustrated! So here is what I would have said:

    You ROCK! That's so awesome!

    I hope this works today. It's been letting me comment elsewhere so am assuming the bug is debugged...

    That's awesome on the garage sale! And way awesome that you have friends and family helping you, too. I hope that you are getting a few seconds here and there to take a deep breath...but 2 weeks isn't very long at all!

  2. Holy crap - money for new clothes cuz you're freaking shrinking!

  3. Hang in there....2 weeks of craziness and then some peace!!! Think of all the weight you might lose from being so busy

  4. OMG You'll be in a new house in a couple of weeks in your new skinny body. Won't that be nice. Congrats on getting to twonesia. Rock on with the weight loss