Wednesday, June 30

Inches and ports and gyms, oh my!

Today is my first official day as a SAHM. So far, we've been to a chaotic and crazy story time; I was hoping to maybe meet another mom or two, but everyone shied far away from the crazy lady who was sweating up a storm and chasing her 14-month all around while he shrieked like a pterodactyl.

DD and I just went for a quick swim while said pterodactyl is sleeping. I think we're going to hit the farmer's market later this afternoon. Ahhh, this is the life!

So, onto my post title...

I measured again the other night, and I've lost a grand total of 80.5"! Here's a quick rundown:

Neck -2.5"
Bust -6"
Waist -9"
Lower Tummy -9.5"
Hips -9"
Thighs -8" right, -9" left
Knees -5.75" right, -7.75" left
Calves -4.75" right, -2" left
Arms -3.5" right, -4" left

There's no delicate way to put this, so I'll just say it: Damn, certain positions are not port-friendly. That was a first!

Where we now live is great except for the fact that there are no gyms in the immediate area with childcare. I'm going to check out two tomorrow or Friday - one is actually at the hospital where I am hoping to become a lapband patient and the other is a YMCA. They are a bit pricey, but I need to start working out, and with DH's crazy hours and two toddlers, a gym with childcare is about my only option. Not to mention, it'll give me a break from my lovely-but-energetic children during the day! Wish me luck!


  1. A good place you may want to look is on the website City Data and post a message on their Orlando forum asking for recommendations on a gym with childcare in your area:

    You will get help finding a place from people in your area. Just be sure to say what part of Orlando!! Good Luck!

  2. I am soooo jealous, SAHM! And the POOL! OMG!

    I don't know if your family normally attends church (or synogauge, mosque, sangha, etc.), but that is also a great place to meet friends.

  3. HOLY INCHES LOST! Very cool!

  4. Yay inches lost - So how far away are you from Steph. I think I might be jealous of the two of you hanging out in Florida - Going to Disney together,

  5. You naughty little vixen having trouble with your port.....

  6. Ok I'm officially green, SAHM, pool, positions where port is compromised, jealous!

    and my verification word is "corhole" sounds kinky lol

  7. I'm glad you are settling in! What doctor did you ulimately decide to go with? I almost went to Dr. Kim in Celebration (Orlando area) but ended up going to Stephanies doctor in Sebastian.

    You, Steph and I should all make a date to get together. I am about 1 hour away and she is probably the same. I am in Ormond Beach near Daytona.

  8. Whoa. Look at all those inches gone! Bloody amazing. xx

  9. JEALOUS... I always wanted to be a SAHM but my hubby said no. :(