Thursday, June 10

Incoherent babbling

Really and truly, my mind is on overload. Finish working, pack house, new utilities, address change, doc appts, new insurance, bank accounts, two toddlers...


Let's see - I think it's a good bullet point day:
  • My swollen-ness has relaxed, thank goodness! I was able to eat some Hamburger Helper for dinner last night. I didn't overdo it, just because I was terrified of PB'ing again and starting back at square 1. But I am feeling better today as well. Water is going down smoothly, so I am going to go forth gingerly, but I think I am good to go.
  • I called my surgeon yesterday about a slight unfill and have yet to hear back. Yes, they officially suck. But since I magically loosened yesterday, I don't need one anyhow!
  • I found two surgeons in FL who'll take me on as a patient! One is about an hour away - $200 per fill. The other is about 10 min away - still waiting to hear from their self-pay manager about pricing. Either way, though, I am thrilled that I will definitely have a local surgeon. Maybe even a support group. Maybe even people who return phone calls in a timely manner! Imagine that!
  • I officially have less than two days of work left!
  • The scale is up almost 2 lbs from my lowest. I haven't eaten enough to account for that, so I was either dehydrated when I got my lowest reading, or TOM is around the corner (I have Mirena, so I'm not exactly regular anymore). Either way, you know what? I don't care. I know it'll come off, and I don't stress it. It's such a freeing feeling! Smooches to my band!
  • One week from today, I will be leaving my house for good. It'll be bittersweet - we bought this house with the intention of it being our "forever" house; we brought both our babies home to this house; we love our house. However, it's also been a bit of a drag - the mortgage is more than we can manage on one salary and it was built in 1950, so things are slowly starting to go. Overall, this move is good for us for so many reasons, but I will miss my house.
  • I have on a pair of 26 capris from Avenue that I believe Jen sent me. They are kind of a sage green. Anyhow, they are a slimmer cut, and I couldn't even get them over my thighs when they arrived a month or so ago. They fit perfect today! WOOHOO!
  • And finally, for my best NSV so far. One of my coworkers shared this with me yesterday. Apparently, earlier in the week, we'd both been down in the lobby. I was standing in the "employee only" area, and she leaned over and whispered to the receptionist, "Who is that over there?" She totally didn't recognize me and thought I was a volunteer who'd wandered into the wrong area! OMG! She said I don't even look like the same person! That is awesome!

Toodles - back to pretending to work for two more days!


  1. Sister, any blogger who says that she's too busy to blog should read YOUR blog! You are either WAY type A personality, or you are fantastic at managing your time! If it's the latter, please teach me!

    Sounds like everything is falling into place. Gold (oops...meant to type "good"...but I think I'll leave it) luck in the upcoming weeks! I hope it all goes smoothly! And congrats about the pants!

  2. You are so close to moving! Everything will calm down shortly. :-)

    I really hope you have a more supportive doctor in Florida, this whole no calling back thing is ridiculous!

  3. You're almost there! I hope this new surgeon's office will be much better at working with you. I'm glad you are finally loosening up, too!

    Moving is hard. Isn't it funny how attached we become to certain apartments/houses/other objects?

    Hang in there, hun! You are so close to being in the FL sun :)

  4. If you can't find a doctor for less than the $200, in orlando, there is always my Doctor down in Sebastian that both Jacquie and I go to. His fill cost is $100 I believe (I get a year of fills for free) Dependent on where in Orlando you are going to be, it would be about an 1 1/2 drive. For $100, I'd make the drive! let me know if you want his contact info. He really is the greatest!

  5. What an awesome NSV!!! I would love for someone not to recognize me!

    You have been busy! I would think it would be sad to leave the house too, but you are moving on to new memories!!

  6. I am so excited for all your new beginnings!

  7. That's a great story!!! May the force be with you during this move.

  8. What a fantastic NSV....hang in there ...2 days to go and then just a week and you will all be back together...and yes your Dr sucks...I hope this new one is good. I so wish you could come to Chicago.....sorry...just adding to your stress xxx