Monday, August 8

PSA: Kitchen Gadget Must-Have

Now that I am settled in (mostly), I have all of my own kitchen stuff back!

And I am back in love with my pressure cooker. Every bandster should own this little piece of genius. Seriously. It makes the MOST tender meat. I ate 1.5 pork chops the other night! Amazing. I haven't eaten pork chops in a long time, because they are too tough for me. Not with the pressure cooker - 15 min of cooking, and they were fork-tender. And delicious! I've also made a beef roast, meatballs, and chicken drumsticks in it. All this week. Yep, a slight bit of an addiction. But hey, I am definitely meeting my protein goals.

One of the really nice things about my pressure cooker is you can brown or saute in it before you cook in it. Only 1 dirty pot + no hot oven = Happy Amy.

ETA: To answer a few questions.
  • I'd say for most things, they cut the cooking time down by about 1/3, not 1/2. It still takes time for the unit to come up to pressure, then cook, and sometimes the cut of meat calls for natural pressure release (which takes time). However, the trade-off is the meat is ALWAYS tender. Always.
  • It IS old-school, but they've kind of come back 'in'. The new ones are totally safe, no danger of exploding. Also, they are pretty much fool-proof. No checking pressure, no messing with temps, etc. Push a few buttons and it regulates itself. So easy. Plus, since you can't stir it or anything once it starts, I always have my kitchen cleaned up by the time it's done. It's a two-fer! :)
  • I made the porkchops breaded - dipped in egg and then seasoned breadcrumbs. Lightly browned them on both sides for a few minutes in 2 T. evoo. Right in the pressure cooker. Took them out, put the rack in, added 1 c. of chicken broth, and added the pork chops back in (the rack keeps them from sitting in the liquid). Added a sliced onion on top of the chops. Cooked for 15 min on high pressure (could have done less, but I wanted them really tender). Served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower and a Lipton noodle thing (don't remember what, since I don't really eat that.) It was good. And easy!

Here's the pressure cooker I have. I seriously love it! You can get it on amazon, if you are interested.


  1. My mother loves her pressure cooker! She uses it all the time!!

  2. I've always wondered how those thingy's worked. For some reason I thought they were totally old school. How did you do your pork chops? Oh and I haven't forgotten about responding to your email, but I've been swamped with doing back to school shopping/house cleaning/etc...I will write you back!

  3. oooo fancy! do they really cut the cooking time in half?

  4. I have the one you put on the stove. It's so funny to me bc I was talking to someone the other day who cooks a lot and never has used one. My mom used the hell out of her pressure cookers. I love to do chicken in it. Its really great bc you can buy a whole chicken for really cheap, plop it in, put some water in and pressure cook it for 15-20 and when you open it up it just falls off the bone. I then save or freeze the broth to use with all the soups I make. Its wonderful. My mom used to make roast in hers all the time, complete with the carrots and taters.

  5. I just read your are doing amazing sista! Keep it up! Smiles...)

  6. I have always wanted to try one. I may have to break down and do that. You look amazing by the way! What a inspiration you are to us all!

  7. I have been wondering about a pressure cooker-you have sold me!!