Thursday, August 4

I feel like a teenager

I cannot shave without cutting myself anymore. First I thought I had a dull blade. Then I thought maybe it was the new water. Or I was reverting in my skills. Or I was going blind.

Then I realized my skin is so damn droopy around my knees and in my arm pits that I can't really help but cut myself when I shave. Seriously, my armpits are AWFUL, as is the skin around my knees. We won't even talk about my belly or upper thighs, but thankfully, I don't have to shave those areas (yes, I am one of those girls who does not shave her thighs - partly lazy, partly thanks to the very fine, blonde hairs from my Danish heritage).

I have to pull the skin taut with one hand while skillfully maneuvering the razor with the other. It takes two steady hands and lots of shaving cream. Do you think the au natural look is going to come back any time soon? I'd be the first one on that trend!

1 comment:

  1. I'm super jealous that you don't have to shave your thighs...I'm a PCOS'er and German..yuck!