Wednesday, January 2

A new year, a new me

I was sleeved on November 9th. It was quite the ordeal, a hiatal hernia, and a very severe umbilical hernia that caused so much pain and issues that I was in the hospital for five days.

But I am sleeved. It's not been what I expected. I'm still hungry all the time. Unfortunately, the band caused so much damage that I have esophageal dilation, which my surgeon thinks is causing the hunger. The good news is I can't eat much, and I am working very hard on discipline, so I am down 46 lbs since my surgery (in 7.5 weeks).

In 2013, I hope to lose 100 lbs to hit my stretch goal, become a runner (once again), and blog weekly.

Hope all is well with everyone!


  1. Glad to see a post from you!! Congrats on the awesome weight loss! Sorry about all the issues though! HOpe it all comes together in 2013!

  2. comments are posting. Hmmm...

  3. Dang it!!! LOL Now it is posting! I am so glad Dr. D was a good fit for you, but I have to ask: What is esophageal dilation and a "stretch weight"?

  4. Steph,

    Esophageal dilation is an issue caused by banding that causes food to sit in your esophagus instead of your pouch and causes the esophagus to stretch out. It typically goes back to normal but takes time.

    And my stretch goal is my really, really, really, never-believed-I-could-weigh-that-little goal!

  5. Glad to see you back online. My Weight Loss Rollercoaster blog finally ended and I started a new blog to blog about everyday stuff. Now at Looking forward to following your new life!

  6. How are you doing, nowadays? Hope all is going great.. xo