Monday, June 11

Do I even dare post?

Just wanted to say hi. I am here. I'm a working girl now, travelling from FL (home) to WI (work) every week. Between work and my stupid band slip and whatever, I just haven't been inspired to blog. I suck. I know I do. But I can't blog from work - yep, that's my excuse!

So, yep, I do suck. But hopefully, I'm still welcome here, just like at Cheers! You know, where everybody knows your name. And they're always glad you came! (Right?!?!)

On to other not-so-good-news. Post-slip, I was completely unfilled. Three fills later, I was t-h-i-s close to perfect restriction. Then....%^&*@#&*%^$ leak in the band. Yep, I went for one little fill and came out with NO restriction.



So, I am now strongly considering revising to the sleeve. If I have to go back under the knife, I'm not risking more band issues. While I've done well with the band and was really happy with it until my slip in January, I am self-pay, and if I am paying for another surgery, well, I just can't take more possible band issues.

But if I am no longer a bandster, I guess I'll have to change my blog name to...what the heck goes with Sleevester?

Although since I only post once every five months, I'm not sure anyone is even still reading! And I certainly am not a babbler.


  1. Of course we are reading :) You are a hero to the bandsters who are just beginning and those still on course.

    I wish you the best with whatever you decide I totally understand the band issues, as I lost my band in March after 4.5 years.

  2. So sorry you're having difficulty. Keep us post-ed (hehe see what I did there?).

  3. Hey! I'm a working mum now too? Not the same as what you're doing - traveling must be kind of a nightmare! - but leaves a LOT less bloggin' time! Always interested in what's happening with you, angel! And a little birdie told me I might get to meet you this September! I really hope that's true!!

  4. good to hear from you. i am about.... ohhhh 5 hours post op from my revision to the sleeve. :)

  5. Glad to hear from you, only sorry to hear that you are having more problems with your band. I wonder what caused the leak?!?

    If you do change to the sleeve, a suggestion for a new title could be:

    Snippets from the sleeve :o)

  6. Good to hear from you. I'm still reading your updates. Hope your plans for revision go well. Speaking from experience, being self pay usually fast tracks the surgery process (at least with my surgeon). Good luck :)

  7. I'm glad you updated us! I can say that we are definitely always glad you came! I took nearly a year off of blogging with tiny little snippets here and there for updates as I was growing babies and then adapting to life after having them. And quite a few people were still happy to see me back! I'm amazed I still have any followers, lol!

    That sucks about the band - but that doesn't mean you suck! I can certainly understand the motivation for revising. How about "the snarky sleevester"? hmmm...I know, I know, I shouldn't quit my day job... lol

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your band slipping. If you do the revision, how about "The Spicy Sleevster??" :)

  9. I am also going through the process of getting a revision. My hold up is the insurance approval.. but I agree. I am not willing to do another surgery with the band (unless that is my only option).

  10. AMY! I miss you. Can't you stop in Pensacola on your way. riddle me's been on my mind these last few weeks (not just bc of YOU, but other's in the same boat)...I am interested in hearing why you would choose sleeve over gastric answer this too! Amy needs to know these things (me Amy, not Amy Amy...this is getting confusing)

  11. I'm still hear reading you! I'm a part-time blogger these days too, but the great thing is that whenever we drop here there's always someone there for us. That's what this bandster/sleevester blogging community is all about.

  12. So sorry about your slip and leak. Frustrating! I know. I am self pay too and am about to have my 4th surgery now. Banding, gallbladder (covered by insurance), port replacement, and now a hiatal hernia repair with band re-positioning. By some miracle my insurance approved my latest surgery. So I decided to keep my band. If I had to pay for another one, I was going to remove it.

    I wish you peace with whatever your decision is. It is so hard to decide whether or not to revise. Been there, done that. Had a revision to sleeve scheduled and decided to repair the leak. And now another complication.

    It is a crap shoot. Go with your gut! ;) What is meant to be will be.