Thursday, June 30

Who's a Bad A$$?

Me, that's who!

You know why?

I've lost 150 mother fuckin' lbs!



That's 1 x 150.

Or 10 x 15.

Or 6 x 25.

Or 3 x 50.

Or 2 x 75.

No matter how you do the math, I have lost 150 lbs!

I think even more incredible to me is I only have 34 lbs left until my first goal. That's how much "normal" people need to lose. 34 lbs ain't shit!

In other news, I got the job! YEAH! The house hunt isn't going quite as well. Whoever said this is a buyer's market lied. We made an offer on one house that had been on the market for 3 days, and we had major competition. We still haven't heard, which I guess means it's not ours. We're heading out again tonight, because we have to be out of our rental in 24 days. To say I am stressed would be a bit of an understatement. Ha!


  1. That's AH-MAZING!!! Great job :) I cant even imagine only have 34 lbs left to lose!

  2. I am so very proud of you!!!! You give me hope, you truly do because we started at such similiar weights. Thank you.

    Oh and I emailed you about pictures at Disney!! :)

  3. hahaha...i love that you said fuckin and shit all in one post. That's my lady! Anyways, congrats and congrats. 150 pounds is amazing and so is landing the new job!

  4. You are definitely a f'in Bad A$$! Congratulations on the milestone and the new job!

  5. You are a weight loss BEAST!!!! 150 lbs. I would just die a happy death at that point.

    So proud of you!! Congrats on the job. You will find a place in no time.

    Tell us more about the job?

  6. Way to go Amy!!! I hope you find a house quick, I would be stressed too!

  7. WHooooooohooo!! She is in the groove!

  8. Congrats, Amy...that is so amazingly, freakin' awesome! I am so happy, proud, elated and more for you!!!

  9. Don't give up on the house. We have been trying to get one since January. We were literally days away from closing and a bad appraisal tanked the whole thing. So we started looking again, and since almost everything is short sale around here, it is definitely a game for the very patient.

    Congrats on the 150, that is sooo freakin awesome!

  10. Holy shizit you lost a person!!!! I want to see more photos!!! :) What an inspiration Miss Amy!! I have about 40lbs to go and looking back whil at 260, I would have killed to "only" lose 40lbs so you're right: 34lbs AIN'T SHIT!!! You go girl!!!

  11. Seriously!! You are a serious bad ass!!!

  12. Like Shaft baby!!! Congratulations! Everything is comin' up "Amy"!