Tuesday, December 14

Not much to say.

Huh. This doesn't happen to me very often, but I don't have much to say! I feel like I'm going a million miles per hour and getting no where very quickly. The stupid flu really pushed me behind where I wanted to be right now - Christmas shopping is done, but my baking isn't even started. Christmas cards are here, but I am not happy with the quality. And needless to say, they aren't sent yet. I haven't started my half-marathon training, as I cough violently when I move too quickly. Oh, speaking of coughing, DD has been really coughing a lot from the flu. Today, she was playing in her room and coughed so hard, she vomited all over her comforter and in a laundry basket with three loads of clean clothes I was about to put away in her room.

So, hey, I guess I am just full of good cheer and fun, huh?

On the band front, my band is freakin' tight again. I'm not sure if it's the flu and it's after-effects, or if it's just tightening up again. I PB'ed on stupid italian wedding soup today. Good ole' liquids for the rest of the day. I'll give it until I'm not longer phlegmy and coughing, and if it doesn't let up, I guess it's time for another unfill.

What else? Nothing really, so I guess I'll go see what you've all been up to.


  1. So sorry you guys are sick. I know that stinks, especially when you are trying to get stuff done. why do kids always know where to throw up in the most inconvenient places?
    Take care...

  2. Ugh. Hope you feel better soon. Yuck.

  3. Hope you get better soon so you can fully enjoy the season!


  4. What a bummer. Get well soon (all of you!)

  5. Ugh!!! I hope you guys feel better soon and I'll send you the magic-laundry basket that just does all the laundry for you since you already did it once. But I'll be needing that back when you're done with it. :)